GREEN LANTERNS #35 by Tim Seeley, Carlo Barberi, Matt Santorelli, & Ulises Arreola
Though GREEN LANTERNS #35 has several entertaining moments, it ultimately falls short in embodying a cohesive narrative.
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An uneven adventure
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Beware; spoilers for GREEN LANTERNS #35 are ahead!

GREEN LANTERNS #35 features the first installment in the “Oh, Bolphunga, Where Art Thou?” story arc. From writer Tim Seeley, the issue explores an entertaining confrontation between the Green Lanterns and a frightful being known as Bolphunga. Interestingly though, this confrontation manifests in some unexpected revelations that will change the course of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz’ journeys as Green Lanterns.

So, did this issue prove to be the beginning of an enticing new tale? Find out below!

green lanterns #35
GREEN LANTERNS #35 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Another Day, Another Duel

The majority of GREEN LANTERNS #35 focuses on the confrontation between Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Bolphunga the Unrelenting. Before this battle, however, the opening pages of the issue depict Cruz asking her manager for a promotion.

Unfortunately, her request is interrupted by Bolphunga’s appearance. The two engage in a battle that eventually catches the attention of fellow Green Lantern, Simon Baz. Because of this alert, Baz has to abruptly leave a woman he spent the night with thanks to a superhero dating app.

Yes, a superhero dating app. Sure, the concept is humorous, but, overall, its inclusion in this issue’s story feels a tad ludicrous.

Anyway, Baz and Cruz join forces to take on Bolphunga, who’s going on a destructive rampage, seemingly targeting the pair. Interestingly though, he reveals to the Lanterns that he’s actually putting up a facade. In reality, he’s in dire need of their assistance.

A woman known as Singularity Jain recruited Bolphunga to kill his father and threatened to kill Bolphunga if he didn’t follow through. Bolphunga ultimately disobeyed her orders so, as a result, Singularity Jain is on the hunt to end him for good.

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A Disobedient Servant

Overall, the threat of Singularity Jain appears to be an intriguing one. However, various missteps of this issue overshadow this aspect of GREEN LANTERNS #35. Firstly, there’s little to no character development of the primary characters. Though we at least come to understand Bolphunga’s past, his backstory doesn’t enhance his character all that much. So, the characters in this particular issue, unfortunately, don’t seem all that compelling.

Also, there is a brief glimpse of a subplot surrounding the murder of Commodore Psyt, an Ungaran officer operating under the command of Regent Athene Vok. The murder is believed to have been conducted by members of the alien race known as The Molites, but details of this subplot remain ambiguous. As a result, this issue feels like an attempt to juggle many pieces of a story that could be exciting if the pieces of the whole were parsed into cohesive, fleshed-out narratives.

green lanterns #35
GREEN LANTERNS #35 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Seeing Red

Though the imagery of GREEN LANTERNS #35 falters in places, colorist Ulises Arreola ultimately exhibits some fine work in this latest installment of the Green Lantern mythos. The tonal differences between the majority of the issue and Bolphunga’s backstory are quite striking.

With this, Arreola renders his backgrounds dynamically as he blends the colors of his palette beautifully. Unfortunately, however, much of the artwork in this issue parallels the narrative in its chaotic aspects.

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The fight scenes involving Bolphunga are especially hectic. The combination of the lengthy lettering and discord of the action sequences themselves make for some messy imagery. Because of this, the depictions of various characters, particularly the Green Lanterns themselves, appear inconsistent in the disarray.

On a positive note, penciler Carlo Barberi’s illustrations of the characters’ costumes are intricate and well-executed. The suits of the Green Lanterns are slick and mold to the characters’ bodies while Bolphunga’s armor exemplifies his monstrous form through the skulls and spikes scattered throughout his suit. So, there are multiple elements of the imagery of this issue that succeed when standing alone. However, the culmination of these elements results in an overwhelming amount of imbalances.

What Lies Ahead

Thus far, it appears as though Singularity Jain is a formidable force. So it will be interesting to see where her narrative leads and how it will connect to the Green Lanterns. In addition to this, I hope to see more consistency in the issues ahead since GREEN LANTERNS #35 felt a tad chaotic at points since it tried to juggle one too many storylines without truly engaging with any of them.

Finally, I fervently hope this is the last we will ever hear of the existence of a superhero dating app.

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