After surviving the threat of Sonar, Hal Jordan tries to make amends with his family for failing to save his nephew. Unfortunately, Parallax is back in GREEN LANTERN #50! Now, Hal Jordan must confront one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. It sounds way more threatening than it actually ends up being.

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After the completely inconsequential Sonar storyline, GREEN LANTERN #50 takes the Hal Jordan saga in a much more interesting direction. Bringing Parallax back really raises the danger to a height that hasn’t really been present in GREEN LANTERN for a while now. The fact that Parallax is from an alternate universe where he never separated from Hal makes for an interesting dynamic between the two. Meanwhile, our Hal Jordan is forced to confront the monster he was and could have continued to be, adding a nice layer to their conflict in this issue.

Green Lantern Page 3

However, GREEN LANTERN #50 doesn’t do anything to make good on the last few issues of Parallax-build up. For example, the fight between the two Hals is kind of bland. After establishing how powerful Parallax is in prior Green Lantern lore, it is kind of strange seeing him so easily manhandled by the main universe Hal Jordan. Even with his current enhanced Green Lantern gauntlet, the ease Hal Jordan has in fighting Parallax seems strange.

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The ending does take Hal Jordan in an interesting direction, though. Without spoiling anything, there’s a really cool, and very logical, progression to what the Green Lantern gauntlet can do. But the biggest question in the universe, which Hal Jordan was spending a lot of time on just a few short issues ago, is again completely ignored. The story does nothing to really push forward the narrative of what happened to the Green Lantern Corps. Rather than continue his search for answers throughout the universe, Hal instead decides to stay and hang out with his family. Having a family narrative that furthers a character is fine, but at this point the family tale has gone on too long and is beginning to distract from a much more interesting story.

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The artwork doesn’t break any new ground, but it’s still solid throughout the issue. The fights look great, and the projections from the Green Lantern rings are creative and impactful during action scenes. The rest of the art is very contained and allows the narrative to unfold naturally and smoothly without ever detracting from it. The letter work  is also great for Parallax. The transition from a typical black font and white comic bubble to the crazed font and yellow bubble of later in the issue really shows Parallax gaining control of alternate universe Hal in a really subtle way.

In the end, GREEN LANTERN #50 has a lot of good story threads, but they either don’t play out very well or are completely ignored. While the ending is interesting and could lead to some very cool stories in the future, right now it’s hard to imagine the narrative will do anything but continue the same story of Hal just wanting to hang out with his family.

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