GREEN LANTERNS #54 continues "Evil's Might" as the mastermind is finally revealed. Dan Jurgens gives Simon Baz some needed attention, and some great fights are added in too!
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Black Over Green

GREEN LANTERNS #54 continues the “Evil’s Might” storyline with some reveals and enough suspense to keep readers hooked. Dan Jurgens finally seems comfortable with the series, as he revisits some familiar characters.

Warning, potential spoilers for GREEN LANTERNS #54 are below!

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Suspicious Minds

The issue begins as the human Lanterns (minus Simon Baz) are transporting the survivors of the Penelo massacre to a new home. The scene emerges with yet another impressive splash panel.

GREEN LANTERNS #54 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

This whole panel encapsulates the full power of the Lanterns. The art team of Marco Santucci, Hi-Fi, and Scott Hannah create a massive, beautifully detailed shot. The Lanterns all pop, and their constructs seem fully weighted. This team continues to struggle with Kilowog’s face though (it’s been done before, people!). Shots like the one above make up for minor problems in GREEN LANTERNS #54 like this though.

As they drop the aliens off, the team debates what happened with Baz. Guy Gardner is naturally suspicious, but Cruz defends her partner. Hal remains unsure, until Gardner tells him about Baz possibly killing a Guardian. Hal decides the team needs to find Baz, but the missing Lantern is on Earth pounding away at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Readers of the previous issue know the real source of “Superman’s” messages of imprisonment to Baz, but it’s still effective to see it play out. Baz manages to break through the Fortress and its defenses, though he remains unaware of what’s going on. Jurgens makes a good move here. Baz trusts Superman (who wouldn’t?), but is still perturbed by the events going on. It keeps Baz from acting in a starstruck way around Man of Steel, or seeming stupidly loyal.

Baz even scans Superman from behind the locked door, but his malfunctioning ring confirms it’s his friend. He opens said door, and something inside blasts him out into the snow.

Heavy Metal Virus

Baz lies out on the ground, stunned and dazed by the attack. The true architect of the rings’ problems reveals himself — Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman!

GREEN LANTERNS #54 page 12. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

My first experience with Jurgens was his work on Superman, including the debut of Henshaw as the Cyborg, so it’s great to see the two reconnect in GREEN LANTERNS #54. Henshaw gets a wonderfully complex angle here as well; trapped in the Fortress, he used Kryptonian tech to send his mind across the universe. Eventually, he found the Green Lanterns and used his power over technology to infect their rings. Jurgens’ writing explains that recharging the rings spread the infections, but he also ties up other loose ends.

Henshaw explains that he learned about the Phantom Ring, and manipulated events to have Baz bring it to him. He draws said ring (which has been weightless and invisible) from Baz’s finger, and pummels the Lantern before leaving with it in tow. Baz manages to get himself back into the Fortress, where he adapts a new strategy to save the Corps. How well it will serve him, however, remains to be seen.

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Final Thoughts On GREEN LANTERNS #54

Overall, GREEN LANTERNS #54 stands as another strong issue from a team that’s become more and more solid. Jurgens seems to have shed his growing pains with this series, and is bringing in strong ideas. Hank Henshaw infecting the Lantern rings is perfectly fitting for him, and a great idea to propel an arc with. Baz gets some much needed time in the spotlight, and Jurgens still knows how to make Henshaw both menacing and intelligent.

This issue not only leaves the reader wondering what Henshaw will do with the Phantom Ring, but what Baz will do (no spoilers, the reveal is worth seeing). The art is just as strong in GREEN LANTERNS #54, with plenty of sharp definition and colors that pop even in the Arctic. I’ve had my doubts about this team before, but installment like this prove that those complaints were just temporary concerns. They seem fully ready to deliver with this story, and I can’t wait to see where they take it!

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