The Green Goblin has proved to be one of Spider-Man’s most famous and notorious foes. The villain made his colorful debut in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 and showed no sign of slowing down in his quest to beat our favorite web-slinger! But just want will Norman Osborn do or be willing to sacrifice, to take down Spider-Man?

Why Miles Morales Deserves to Be on the Big Screen

Starting in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797, ‘Go Down Swinging’ is the latest arc to pit spider against goblin!It’s a Spidey story ten years in the making and one that will guarantee to shake fans to their core. This coming March, Dan Slott, and Stuart Immonen begin one of Spidey’s most challenging and harrowing adventures.

“The last time we saw the Green Goblin was in ‘Goblin Nation’ at the culmination of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. You’d almost think that was the biggest Green Goblin story Dan Slott had in him. You’d be wrong. And make sure you watch to the end of the trailer!” – Spider-Editor Nick Lowe.

Marvel has provided a teaser trailer that showcases a history of epic showdowns between these two comics icons. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then wait until the end of the trailer, which hints at the debut of a new character!

Who is this mysterious Red Goblin? Are they someone new, or has Norman done something to himself to guarantee he finally beats Spider-Man? Plot details are light as we speak, yet this promises to be huge.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Is Change Coming For Spider-Man?

Starting in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797, ‘Go Down Swinging’ inches us Spidey fans tantalizingly close to #800. Each of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN centenary issues has sparked significant change for Peter Parker (Doc Ock became the Superior Spider-Man in #700, Venom debuted in #300), so what could #800 bring?

What can Norman Osborn and the Red Goblin do that could shake up the Spider-Verse? These questions and much more are sure to be answered in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797, on sale in March!

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