GREEN ARROW #38 by Ben Percy, Juan Ferreyra, and Deron Bennett
The team on GREEN ARROW shows off just how incredible they are with their final issue together. It's truly the culmination of everything they've done with the character so far. Ben Percy brings symmetry into the story by addressing things from GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH #1. Juan Ferreyra's work is as immaculate as it always is. Deron Bennet's lettering lets us almost hear the issue. It's the perfect way to say goodbye, we just wish they didn't have to.
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A Perfect Ending

Symmetry is a beautiful aspect of writing. When you can tell someone had an ending in mind when they began their work, it’s truly admirable. It adds a poetic touch to any piece and makes it all a bit more satisfying. This is especially obvious in GREEN ARROW #38 — writer Ben Percy’s last issue with the title.

The issue is the culmination of everything Percy set out to do with the character back at the beginning of Rebirth. He returned Ollie to his roots, reignited his relationship with Black Canary, revealed things about his family that changed everything, and introduced a new villain in the Ninth Circle.

Warning, spoilers for GREEN ARROW #38 can be found below!

Wrapping Up Loose Ends in GREEN ARROW #38

GREEN ARROW #38 mostly takes place in a courtroom, where Ollie defends himself against murder charges. Of course, he’s innocent, but there’s not much evidence to prove that. Plus, the city of Seattle pretty much hates him since he totally ran away after being charged. He stands no chance, except to tell the truth and hope someone believes him.

GREEN ARROW #38 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

He reveals information about the Ninth Circle, exposing them once and for all. All the while, the Justice League helps to make sure he can plead his case uninhibited. For instance, Flash removes the prosecuting attorney from the courtroom. At the same time, Batman rescues the lawyer’s daughter from the Ninth Circle, who were blackmailing him.

During Ollie’s beautiful speech about his family and the general corruption in Seattle, Wendy — who Ollie is accused of killing — walks into the courtroom, revealing that she isn’t, in fact, dead. This is probably the only way he was going to walk free, so that was a nice development.

Later, Dinah and Ollie are fighting crime, carry on with their usual banter. He tells her all about the initiatives he’s going to start to help get Seattle back on its feet, including the Dinah Lance Home for Wayward Kids, which is just too sweet.

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At the close of the book, Percy fits in a lot of lines he used in the first issue. Ollie recalls Dinah’s important question, “How can you fight the man if you are the man?” Yet it means so much more now. He’s clearly been trying to figure it out over the last thirty-eight issues, and he apparently has. Perhaps the most poignant line is the last, in which Oliver Queen once again calls himself a “social justice warrior.”

A Meaningful Legacy

Percy made a big statement when he decided to put the words “social justice warrior” in Oliver Queen’s mouth at the very beginning of GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH #1. He didn’t just do it once, but twice. In a world, and a medium, where that phrase can be used as an insult, it was bold as hell to have a beloved character own it so proudly. Ollie carried that through to the very end, with GREEN ARROW #38.

Over his run with the character, Percy had Green Arrow deal with stand-ins for Trump, the Keystone Pipeline, conservative militias, and more. He was always politically relevant, and always made a statement — all while delivering issue after issue of emotionally exciting Green Arrow content.

GREEN ARROW #38 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Percy brought this character back to reality and made him relevant. That’s a difficult feat. And that’s why GREEN ARROW #38 is the perfect end to a beautiful, impressive, memorable run with the character. And I feel confident saying, without hyperbole, that Percy’s is possibly the best version of Green Arrow we will ever get.

Truly Gorgeous

Percy isn’t the only one responsible for the success of GREEN ARROW #38. Juan Ferreyra absolutely crushes the artwork in this book, as he has in every issue he’s worked on.

Ferreyra’s pencils, inks, and colors are simply magnificent. They’re realistic, enchanting, and should seriously be hung in a museum. If I could line my walls with this kind of beauty, I would do it in a heartbeat.

GREEN ARROW #38 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Whether it’s Dinah kicking someone’s butt, or Ollie standing in a courtroom, Ferreyra makes each image look truly stunning. The way he captures a mood with a brushstroke is nothing short of genius.

Letterer Deron Bennett also brings his A-game, especially during moments when Canary sings or Flash rushes in to abscond with a lawyer. He almost makes it possible to hear the words on a page, which is pretty damn impressive.

It’s truly a shame to see one of the best teams in the business hand off this title. Their impressive work will impact every GREEN ARROW issue to come in the future. There’s a lot to be proud of in GREEN ARROW #38, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

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