GREEN ARROW #28 is an exciting adventure in the life of Oliver Queen. In this issue the Emerald Archer travels to Lexcorp in Metropolis, seeking out Lex Luthor. The art is fantastic and the story still political and meaningful. Benjamin Percy continues to deliver to fans the Green Arrow we want!
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Occupy Metropolis

In GREEN ARROW #28, The Emerald Archer continues his trip across the country in “Hard-Traveling Hero.” He attempts to combat the influence of the sinister banking group known as The Ninth Circle across the country. In this issue, his travels have brought him to Metropolis where he meets up with some familiar faces. Writer Benjamin Percy has used this arc to reintroduce Green Arrow to the greater DC universe, to much success. GREEN ARROW #28 is another fun, exciting addition to this politically charged comic book run.

GREEN ARROW #28 pg. 3. Image courtesy of DC Comics.


Through the “Hard-Traveling Hero” arc, Green Arrow has met up with several heroes like Wonder Woman and Flash. The obvious assumption is that Green Arrow’s travels in Metropolis would lead him to team up with Superman. Not quite. In fact, most of GREEN ARROW #28 is focused on Green Arrow meeting with Lex Luthor at Lexcorp.

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The meeting of Lex Luthor and Green Arrow is a stroke of genius from Benjamin Percy. Both are billionaires and CEOs who have major connections to the superhero world. Lex Luthor is different than Oliver Queen, however, because Ollie cares about people. Queen is a champion of the working class and fights for the well-being of people in his Star City. Lex is a selfish man who only cares about things that will benefit him. Seeing the exchange between the two figures provides much of the meat of this issue.

GREEN ARROW #28 pg. 15. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

It is clear that there still is a political charge to this issue, especially in the exchange of Luthor and Green Arrow. It is more than the meeting of two billionaires but a meeting of two ideologies. Throughout his time in comics, Arrow clearly has possessed left-leaning social and economic views. On the other hand, this issue makes it clear that Lex Luthor is a right-wing businessman only out for profits (he also has a picture of him shaking hands with Trump on his desk). While this is true, Percy does not depict Luthor as completely evil; he shows that Luthor has honor. This makes this confrontation between the two characters very intriguing.

Travels of The Emerald Archer

While Big Blue is not in this issue as much as some would expect, Superman’s presence is a big part of GREEN ARROW #28. Whether he’s saving people in the background of panels or he is disguised as Clark Kent, Percy makes you remember that Metropolis is the city of Superman as much as it is of Lex Luthor. Just as there is cynicism and egoism in Metropolis with Luthor, there is also morality and justice in the form of Superman. Having both Lex and Superman in this issue represents how Green Arrow has changed as a character. In the New 52, he was a selfish, unlikable hero, similar to Luthor in some ways. Now, he thinks more about others and has his own people that he holds dear like any superhero should.

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Speaking of people Ollie holds dear, Black Canary remains in Star City with the rest of the Arrow gang. She does not have a lot to do in this issue, but she is setting the stage for future plot lines once Oliver returns to Star City. Her presence reminds us that Ollie is leaving behind a city to fight The Ninth Circle across the United States. While Ollie does this, it is up to his Pretty Bird to hold down the fort in their city. Hopefully, Percy has more planned for Team Arrow in his next arc. For now, I am excited to see who else Green Arrow will meet on his journey.

Art in GREEN ARROW #28

The artwork in Benjamin Percy’s GREEN ARROW run has been visually beautiful. It is one of the most unique and divergent styles of art out of Rebirth, especially compared with some of the darker-shaded comic books. Artists have drawn GREEN ARROW with bright colors and noticeably high energy throughout the Rebirth run. This makes it a complete blast to launch into the book.

GREEN ARROW has shifted between some core artists but perhaps my favorite is Juan Ferreyra. His work on this issue is a testament to his skill and prowess as an artist of superheroes. When Superman appears, his red cape brightly flows against the wind in a statue-like scene. Ferreyra fully captures the character within his first panel in GREEN ARROW #28. The heroic stature and near painted quality evoke comparison to Alex Ross’ legendary work depicting the Man of Steel in comics like SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH. Ferreyra obviously did not literally paint his panels in GREEN ARROW #28 but the depiction of its characters has the same heroic splendor.

GREEN ARROW #28 pg. 8. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Many panels in GREEN ARROW #28 have creative ways of showing communication and movement. In one panel, Ferreyra draws a far away action sequence and then zooms in on characters within the sequence with inlaid circles in the panels. It is these creative depictions of regular action that make GREEN ARROW such a joy to read.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, GREEN ARROW continues to be a thrilling series. Percy delivers another fun story where we get to see Oliver Queen play off of classic characters in the DC universe. I hope that the critical success of Percy’s work with Green Arrow, alongside the great art, leads to DC including Green Arrow more in their shared comic book world. He is one of their best, most likable heroes and Benjamin Percy has totally captured what makes him so wonderful in GREEN ARROW #28!

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