GREEN ARROW #27 is a fantastic example of everything that DC Rebirth has done right. Benjamin Percy writes a riveting, political story involving the Emerald Archer. Jamal Campbell jumps on board with stunning artwork. Any Arrow-nut would be remiss to not check out GREEN ARROW #27!
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Oliver Queen For President!
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DC Rebirth has been dominated by talk of the new Superman, Batman’s Dark Multiverse, and the introduction of the Watchmen into DC continuity. Yet perhaps the greatest hero of Rebirth might be Green Arrow. Benjamin Percy’s run has completely re-established the character as the lovable, whimsical social warrior that fans have come to know. GREEN ARROW #27 continues Percy’s trend of revamping the character.

Green Arrow #27
GREEN ARROW #27 page 9. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

In this current arc, “Hard Traveling Hero,” Oliver Queen is traveling around the country to stop threats from the sinister Ninth Circle. During this journey, he meets up with many individuals in the Justice League, including Flash and Wonder Woman. In GREEN ARROW #27, Ollie travels to Washington D.C., creating a fun, powerful, and political addition to Green Arrow’s story.

Emerald Archer Rebirth

Rebirth is such a major theme in Percy’s run of GREEN ARROW. So many fans felt betrayed by the New 52’s depiction of Oliver Queen as a remorseless jerk. Percy, in previous issues, has done a great job of bringing back the classic Green Arrow who defends Seattle (which has been renamed Star City like in the classic comics). Now that Arrow is established in Star City, Percy has wisely allowed him to travel across the country in his first exposure to the greater DC Rebirth Universe.

Seeing this version of Green Arrow meet the Justice League is such a delight. In the last issue, Green Arrow met up with the Flash, which is an incredibly popular team-up due to their CW shows. We got to see the Flash, who thought Green Arrow was a joke, be won over by the Emerald Archer’s wit and skills. By this issue, the Flash and Green Arrow are working together as if it were an ARROW/FLASH TV crossover episode. Yet now, Green Arrow has bigger fish to fry in the form of Wonder Woman!

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Wonder Woman and Green Arrow didn’t get along during the New 52; so, like he did with the Flash, Green Arrow has to prove himself to the Amazonian princess. He does so with his sense of honor and dedication to helping others. Seeing members of the Justice League once again embrace the Emerald Archer is a welcome sight. Perhaps the JL could give him honorary membership?

Political Satire or Political Reality?

Another thing I love about this GREEN ARROW run is how it feels like one giant story. This is similar to Geoff John’s GREEN LANTERN saga or Grant Morrison’s run on BATMAN. Percy’s GREEN ARROW follows the titular hero’s struggle with the dangerous organization, the Ninth Circle. This issue describes the Ninth Circle as a bank that lends money to supervillains. Yet the Ninth Circle is much more than this.

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The Ninth Circle is a group of multinational corporate executives who influence the world to stimulate their own wealth. Sound familiar? Our country is filled with lobbyists and CEOs trying to buy politicians’ loyalties or threatening their re-election chances. The Ninth Circle is an amazing group of villains for Green Arrow to go up against since they literally exploit the poor for personal gain.

GREEN ARROW #27 page 19. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

This is also why it’s so powerful that Ollie travels to Washington D.C. in this issue. Even before Trump became president, GREEN ARROW wasn’t afraid to reference our current political climate. The mayor of Seattle in GREEN ARROW is a chauvinistic, sex obsessed, corrupt man under the influence of the Ninth Circle. So make of that what you will.

I love how this issue of GREEN ARROW calls back to the classic GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW series from the 70s. Those books explicitly discussed social and urban issues in the United States and they weren’t for everyone. Yet they weren’t afraid to make a statement. So Percy’s Green Arrow isn’t afraid to make one either. In this issue, he cries: “There is no truth. There’s only propaganda! There is no honor! There’s only profit!” Green Arrow is truly Bernie Sanders with a bow.

Art in GREEN ARROW #27

One thing DC Rebirth has done really well is that when they switch artists between issues, it’s never distracting for the reader. Jamal Campbell did a fantastic job capturing the artistic styles of Stephen Byrne, Otto Schmidt, Peter Nguyen, and other artists who have worked on the series. This is art that’s just nice to look at, from the splendor of watching Wonder Woman burst onto the scene to Black Canary letting out a scream on some Underground Men.

GREEN ARROW #27 page 17. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The art in this series has a very airbrushed look to it, which totally works and enhances the story. It feels like we’re in some pulp tale where Green Arrow fights monsters and demons. Yet instead, we realize that these monsters are very human, very real villains who exist in our world. The result is a brilliant, inspirational feeling.

In Conclusion

GREEN ARROW should be the showcase of everything that DC Rebirth has done for the DC Universe. Once again, Green Arrow is a poster child for liberal ideals and fighting against corruption. We should thank Benjamin Percy for putting Green Arrow back on the map so effectively. GREEN ARROW #27 is a testament to his skill as a writer. It’s a brilliant reflection of this moment in our country and I recommend it for everyone!

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