The X-Men run of Brian Michael Bendis is coming to an end, but what has to happen within the last few issues to wrap up his story?

Now that Secret Wars, probably Marvel’s biggest event, has begun – the Marvel Universe as we know it has ceased to exist. With (probably) new ideas, concepts, artists and writers that will make up the new Marvel Universe after Secret Wars, many titles will be cancelled in May.

Two of the titles that come to a close are Uncanny and All-New X-Men, both written by Brian Micheal Bendis, who has been writing these X-Men flagship titles for more that two years now. The author himself has already promised to wrap up everything he’s done with the characters in his very last issue, Uncanny X-Men #600. But what will have to happen within the last few issues of his run in order to conclude what he started back in All-New X-Men #1? Here’s what we think definitely has to be resolved at the end of this run!

What happens to the time-displaced O5?

All-New X-Men 1

Thus far, the All-New X-Men have not yet been able to return to their time, and it’s really questionable whether that is possible, at all and what will happen to space/time in case they just stay in the present. This is also really about the man who brought them to present time, Hank McCoy. Bendis already said in an interview with

The premise of “Uncanny” #600, for lack of a better term — it’s not similar to “The Trial of Jean Grey,” but this is the trial of Hank McCoy.

Read the Interview with Bendis on if you want to know more about his plans for UXM #600!

But, apart from all the timey-wimey stuff about the original X-Men, I hope we will see a good conclusion to the character development that these young people have gone through, especially Jean and Scott. Will they end up being together, or will we see something totally different? What is young Hank up to, after he told Jean that he wanted to change the world radically? Will these five young people find peace with what they will become in the future, or will they choose a totally different path for themselves? And will they have to say goodbye to their beloved teacher, Professor K?

The Mutant Revolution/ The New Xavier School

In many ways, it kind of felt like this run was all about Cyclops, especially Uncanny X-Men. It showcases the way he deals with the guilt of having killed the man who was almost like a father to him. He has a nervous breakdown and declares a revolution of mutants against humankind out of desperation, he founds a new school hidden in the Canadian mountains and promises things he can never fulfill to his new students. But was is mutant revolution just a huge mistake? Will he be able to improve human/mutant relations in some way? How will his relationships to his ex-girlfriend Emma and his (secretly still inverted) brother Havok change towards the end of UXM? And, most importantly, what will happen to his school and his students? One of which is especially interesting…


Tempus jumps

This character has been especially interesting in Bendis’ run. It kind of started with her, since she was the first mutant to be rescued by Scott and brought to his school to train her for his Mutant Revolution. When we first met her, she was extremely insecure about her powers, but a lot has happened, since. Eva even got her own Graphic Novel, in which we learned that she has been traveling through time for more than seven years and even had a family in the year of 2099. But she also went through a very interesting character development during The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier, in which she started to use her powers to manipulate the timestream and more or less do whatever she wants or thinks is right. I really feel like the last word has not yet been spoken on this character, and I’m curios to see what the future holds for her. Who knows, maybe her time-travel abilities might be in some way connected to what happens to the All-New X-Men? And what else did she alter about the timeline that we didn’t know about, yet?

Rasputin family reunion

Kitty on Colossus

During Bendis’ run, Kitty and Illyana managed to revitalize their friendship, but their relationships to Colossus both are pretty complicated at this point, and they didn’t really see each other for a pretty long time. But, in Uncanny X-Men #33, Kitty and Magik decided to visit Piotr in the Jean Grey School. I think we can all look forward to seeing that reunion, and maybe we will see another interesting thing adding up to Illyana’s arc (who has been training with Stephen Strange from the past for quite a long time now).

What about Mystique?

Mystique has been constantly busy during Bendis’ run, stealing lots of money and buying Madripoor to turn it into some kind of Mutant paradise with Mutant Growth Hormone for everybody. She also replaced Dazzler for a pretty long time, making the mutant community and S.H.I.E.L.D. angry at each other. Currently, she’s on the run and Dazzler is extremely pissed, having a strong desire for revenge. I wonder if we’ll see both meeting each other.

Iceman’s sexuality!

Bobby's gay

This is a very controversial topic, since most fans thought that time-displaced Bobby being revealed as gay didn’t make any sense, as old Bobby doesn’t seem to be. But we have yet to find out how this was possible and what older Iceman thinks about his younger self’s reveal. It could be it’s revealed that Iceman has been gay all along, but never really came out of the closet. In fact, that was implied in Bobby’s dialogue with Jean. So we’re going to see how this all makes sense.

X-Men Reunion?

It’s been along time since Wolverine left Utopia with a bunch of students and teachers and the X-Men were separated into two teams, and since Avengers vs. X-Men, the relationships between the members of the two groups have gotten even more conflicted. Bendis’ run has, to a big extent, been about the way the people at the Jean Grey School think about Scott Summers. According to the official solicit synopsis for #600, the question whether Scott Summers is a savior or a destroyer will be answered, so I feel like the way the other X-Men think about Scott will definitely change in this last chapter of the run – maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. It could be that we see something like a reunion of the two teams, especially because it was promised that #600 would also serve as a finale to the X-Men we’ve known for years (since Secret Wars will create a new mainstream Marvel Universe). It would be a great ending to see them all back together as a family, and would also resolve all the conflicts between Scott and Ororo, Hank and Bobby during this run.

Nation X!

In Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers books, one of the arcs was called Time Runs Out and took place shortly before the final Incursion/ shortly before Secret Wars. In that arc, Cyclops was the leader of Nation X, some kind of mutant sanctuary. We don’t really know that much about that place, only that it’s the old Weapon X facility guarded by Sentinels and that Cyclops is in possession of a Phoenix Egg.

Phoenix egg

The difference between Time Runs Out and other stories that take place in the future is that we know for sure this is going to be the future, so Bendis’ run will somehow have to lead into this, especially because we just got another glimpse at what will happen with Cyclops and his phoenix egg in Secret Wars #1!

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