Gothic romance novels may not be in their prime anymore, but horror and romance are still a popular combination. People still love to be wooed and scared. At its peak in the ’70s, gothic romance rose to popularity thanks to its killer aesthetics. But the genre was also full of trite characters and heteronormativity. In GOTHIC TALES OF HAUNTED LOVE: A COMICS ANTHOLOGY, contributors want to rekindle the bygone genre while also breathing new life into the genre with some much-needed diversity. Curator and artist Hope Nicholson gathered some of the best modern comics creators for this project. But the work isn’t done yet — starting July 15th, you can contribute to GOTHIC TALES OF HAUNTED LOVE’s Kickstarter campaign.

Image courtesy of Hope Nicholson & Scott Chantler

Diverse Romance and Horror

GOTHIC TALES OF HAUNTED LOVE doesn’t discriminate when it comes to romance. The anthology includes a slew of diversity with people of color and queer characters. And though gothic novels are fairly Euro-centric, these stories span the globe. From Taiwan to Mexico, the creators definitely didn’t narrow their focus. To echo Nicholson’s perfect words, “ghostly love isn’t limited to white girls in white dresses and brooding lords in Victorian England.”

gothic tales of haunted love
Image courtesy of Dante L. & H. Pueyo

The anthology retains what makes gothic romance great (the horror, mystery, and scandal) but reimagines its failings. Stories include strong female characters who do more than scream and swoon. Where else would you get to see the heroine of a story fall in love with the ghost of an heiress in the 1970s? Other comics from the anthology include stories of a murder in the Taiwan fashion industry, a bride who claims her husband is a killer, and a spirit who aides a Vietnamese farmer.

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Aside from the fact that GOTHIC TALES OF HAUNTED LOVE is a beautiful anthology with amazing creators, there are plenty of other incentives to fund this project. There are seventeen reward tiers, ranging from $5 to $200 (Canadian dollars). At the very least, $5 includes a 4-story sampler PDF from the anthology. This is perfect for anyone who wants to support the project, but just doesn’t have the funds at the moment to buy the full collection. If you want the full physical copy, the $30 tier is the best choice. The $35-$45 tiers include the book but also come with other goodies like art prints and bookmarks. Higher-level tiers include commissions from contributing artists like Hien Pham and Dante Luiz, as well as other anthologies from Nicholson’s publishing company, Bedside Press.

Image courtesy of Janet Hetherington, Ronn Sutton, Becka Kinzie & Zakk Saam

GOTHIC TALES OF HAUNTED LOVE’S Kickstarter goal is CA $27, 407, most of which will pay contributors and cover printing costs. And with 200 pages of full-color content, supporting the project is definitely a worthwhile investment. For any horror and romance fans out there, there’s definitely no harm in helping out such a diverse and professional anthology!

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