Gotham Season 2 “Villains Rising” Promo:

I had my reservations about the first season of GOTHAM. I was skeptical about the show’s motivations: was it trying to be a great television show or nothing more than a cash-grab because it is connected to the ever profitable Batman? I was skeptical about it’s format: the “villain-of-the-week” format did not work for me, I felt like I was watching Law and Order: Gotham, instead of a show about these legendary characters origins. The first season was too long and the random breaks between episodes was frustrating.

But, I enjoyed it. The show had potential. It wasn’t just a cash grab; these were well developed characters. I think everyone was surprised by Ben Mckenzie’s turn as James Gordon, and the main antagonist, Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin, was scene-stealing. Couple that with a brilliant performance by Donal Logue as Gordon’s partner Harvey Bullock, an insight into the childhood of Bruce Wayne, and a new, very interesting take of his butler Alfred Pennyworth, and Gotham had some real potential. With reports that GOTHAM plans to shift away from the procedural and do a deep dive into character story, which will give us more in-depth character arcs, it appears GOTHAM is about to be knocking on the door of greatness.

The first sign of greatness might be coming from the latest trailer. With the emphasis on the development of the villains, it appears as if GOTHAM has found it’s rhythm. One of my biggest questions about GOTHAM coming into the first was season, how they were going to handle the Joker, if they decided to do it.

Joker's True Name

Part of the Joker’s lore is the mystery of his past, that even the legendary Batman cannot find any details about his arch rival’s origin. Needless to say, giving the Joker an origin story, one that apparently starts at a relatively young age, is a bold decision. If the show progresses the way it’s creators intend it to, than GOTHAM’s legacy will end up being as much about the birth of the Joker as it is that of the Batman. Point being, we may end up seeing the definitive take on the Joker’s origin, given the power that the medium of television has over comic books.

With all that said, it is CRUCIAL that if GOTHAM’s writers intend on going down the path of a Joker origin story, which it seems they are intent on doing, than they must get it right. In all likelihood, Cameron Monaghan’s “Jerome” seems to be the beginning of that origin story. However, if they come up short, a poorly crafted Joker literally has the power to torpedo the entire show.

However, so far, so good. His appearances in the first season, particularly his introduction, were all strong.

The Season 2 promo appears to indicate that “Jerome” will be a focal point of Season 2, and from what they show us, it seems that Cameron Monaghan will continue his strong performance. We see “Jerome” in a prison uniform, a straightjacket, a police uniform, and meeting with what seems to be Gotham mobsters. Jerome is going to be heavily involved in Season 2, and if handled properly, will propel GOTHAM forward to becoming the great television show it set out to be.

GOTHAM premieres Monday, September 21, on FOX.

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