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This week’s episode of “Gotham” was a roller-coaster ride that introduced a couple of key characters into the Gotham universe. The show has now been on a three-week streak of pretty solid episodes, and it’s only been getting better with each episode (despite my disappointment at last week’s portrayal of Zsasz). This week, we were treated not only to the characters we’ve been following- Gordon, Bullock, Fish, and Penguin- but we also get a pretty solid amount of Nygma, and Selina Kyle- sorry, Cat- comes back into things.

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Bullock and Gordon’s case in this episode takes them on a strange journey into corrupt and violent business practices. We see that at the head of it all is a man named Sionis, who wears a black ritual mask to shield his identity from victims of his games. This is not Roman Sionis, the Black Mask, but must be his father. He traps potential employees in office buildings and instructs them that the last one alive would get the job. Confronting this villain, Gordon ends up getting captured (which happens just about every episode).

Fortunately, this allows us to see an awesome fight in which Gordon takes down three men armed with office supplies (which is more sinister than it sounds). He also fights Sionis, all geared up with his mask and a samurai sword. Gordon comes out on top after all of that, just as back-up arrives. Gordon showed us, and his police force, just how badass he is.

In addition to the Black Mask teaser, we also get to see a fellow student of Bruce’s at his new school. The boy is a bully and picks on Bruce, making fun of his parents. Initially, Bruce slaps the kid, but Alfred takes Bruce to the boy’s house and gives Bruce his father’s watch. Bruce wraps the metal band around his knuckles and rings the doorbell. Bruce beating on the bully when he answers the door is an awesome way to show us the inner rage and anger that Bruce has, and which will later be channeled into Batman. This series of events also gives us our first really cool Alfred moments. Truthfully, I haven’t cared much for this Alfred until this episode.

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Oh, by the way, that bully is named Tommy. This means we are probably seeing Gotham’s take on Tommy Elliot, better known to fans of the comics as Hush. If this is Tommy Elliot, I’m hoping we see a lot more of him soon, because that is some awesome territory to explore.

Fish’s acting was improved, and her storyline with Penguin was pretty fun- getting to see her umbrella boy making deals with her at the table was a cool moment for Fish. The mob plot was certainly an element of the episode, as always, but Gordon and Bullock’s exploits in this episode made the mafia storyline forgettable.

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– Some really cool fight scenes.
– The Black Mask gets introduced/teased!
– Hush introduced!
– Fish’s acting is a bit better!

– A forgettable Mafia storyline.
– A few cheesy lines/deliveries by Bullock.


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