GOTHAM is moving to Thursday nights when it returns for a 4th season this fall on FOX. Season 4 is going to insert new villains from Batman’s canon in the show. In the trailer released at San Diego Comic Con, a revamped Scarecrow appears as one of this season’s villains.

Season 4 of GOTHAM is looking to break out and dig deeper into Batman’s canon without insulting the intelligence of its viewers. With almost every villain in Batman’s canon teased or already introduced, GOTHAM can stop playing the guessing game with its new villains. We can expect GOTHAM to give us better storylines based on the show’s established characters.

Just by watching the trailer we can tell that the fourth season’s going to be vastly different from the previous three.

Four Minutes Of Rehashing Season 3, You Can Skip It

The five-minute trailer released at Comic Con provides more of a rehash of last season than new material for Season 4. The trailer starts with Bruce telling Alfred that he lost his way trying to find greater meaning. Then it cuts to Jim Gordon killing Mario Falcone, creating his rift with Lee Thompkins. Next, there’s a clip of The Penguin-Riddler feud focusing on Oswald’s impulsivity throughout Season 3. We get a clip of Selina Kyle’s storyline with her severing ties with Bruce because he lied to her. Then there’s one of Barbara Kean trying to take over Gotham’s underworld with Tabitha.

The Penguin looking at frozen Nygma GOTHAM Season 4
The Penguin looking at frozen Nygma

The trailer continues with  Jerome telling Bruce “Gotham has no heroes.” There are quick cuts of villains from GOTHAM: MAD CITY like The Owls, Mad Hatter, and The Executioner taking over. We get more rehashing of The Penguin-Riddler feud focusing on Edward becoming The Riddler and Oswald putting him on ice. Tabitha electrocutes Barbara after she reveals she shot Butch.

There’s a quick shot of Tabitha giving Selina her whip teasing at a Gotham City Sirens run in Season 4. Then, there’s more Tetch virus drama with Jim and Lee. We get an introduction to Ra Al Ghul. Alfred tells Bruce to find his true north after Bruce tells him he doesn’t know who he is anymore. The rehashing finally ends with Bruce as a vigilante teasing Batman Year One stuff.

GOTHAM could have omitted the four minutes summarizing Season 3 and jump to what’s in Season 4 instead. However, the trailer gives us a symbolic transition of Bruce’s character at the end of Season 3 to the beginning of Season 4.

The Important Stuff From GOTHAM’s SDCC Trailer

Everything relevant in GOTHAM’s San Diego Comic Con trailer comes after the 4:30-minute mark. We hear Alfred’s voiceover telling Bruce, “There is a time for masks, and there is a time for Bruce Wayne.” Alfred’s voiceover runs while there is a clip of a house with a scarecrow in the front of it.

This, of course, teases Scarecrow as the villain this season. There’s also a clip of Bruce beating down some bad guys in an alley in a very Batman like fashion. So right off the bat(pun intended?), we’re seeing Bruce Wayne doing Batman Year One stuff from the comics. It’s a dynamic shift for GOTHAM because they’ll have Bruce taking Jim Gordon’s vigilante role from last season.

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There’s also a clip of Catwoman essentially doing the same thing as Bruce, which is beating down bad guys in an alley. So be on the lookout to how Bruce and Selina’s storylines will parallel each other. Next, we get Ivy and The Penguin opening The Iceberg Lounge with The Riddler as its centerpiece. The Penguin-Riddler feud doesn’t look like its over yet. We see a man, probably Scarecrow, drawing on the floor of what looks to be Arkham Asylum. Tabitha’s pointing her gun at Barbara, who looks surprised at her return, and we see Alfred point his gun at Victor Zsasz.

Bruce Wayne caught as a vigilante GOTHAM Season 4
Bruce Wayne caught as a vigilante

The trailer continues, and we see Jim Gordon getting attacked by a man in clown makeup. We also see the cops catch Bruce as a vigilante and he looks terrified. The terrified look on Bruce’s face could mean he’s adjusting to being a vigilante, or that he’s been hit by Scarecrow’s nerve toxin. By the look of it, Bruce probably got hit with Scarecrow’s nerve toxin indicating a storyline between the two characters.

In the final shot of the trailer, we get a first look at Scarecrow in GOTHAM, and he looks fantastic. His mask looks original, and it’s scarier than previous iterations in film and television.

What Can We Expect From GOTHAM This Season

The biggest revelation from the Season 4 trailer is that Scarecrow is going to be the main villain next season. In season 1 episode 15, “The Scarecrow,” Scarecrow is first introduced to the GOTHAM universe. In that episode, Gerald Crane manipulates his son, Jonathan, into ridding himself of fear by taking a special serum. Jim Gordon shoots Gerald killing him, and Jonathan becomes hospitalized because he overdoses on the serum. We don’t see Jonathan again until the events in this trailer, and in the trailer, we see him embraces the Scarecrow persona.

Jonathan Crane in Gotham's Arkham Asylum GOTHAM Season 4
Jonathan Crane in Gotham’s Arkham Asylum

We see Johnathan’s old home with a scarecrow in front of the yard, a call back to Season 1. In one shot we see Jonathan in Arkham, and these images explain his absence and his obsession with scarecrows. His build up as a villain is going to be far better than Jervis Tetch’s build up last season. It looks like there’s going to be some payoffs from Season 1 of GOTHAM for Season 4.

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Speaking of payoffs from previous seasons, according to CinemaBlend, Season 4 will explore Alfred’s backstory. Sean Pertwee, the actor who plays Alfred, said that Season 4 would indirectly explore Alfred’s past demons. Pertwee also took the opportunity to tell the CinemaBlend reporters at San Diego Comic Con that Bruce and Alfred are going to grow closer to each other because of their darkness. In addition to Pertwee getting a larger role this season, actress Crystal Reed has been cast as Sofia Falcone. Sofia Falcone, also known as Hangman, will be joining this season’s villains to take down Jim Gordon and The Penguin.

GOTHAM’s new direction will feature Bruce Wayne as a young Batman, The Penguin as Gotham’s crime boss, Scarecrow as the new big bad villain, and the debut of Sofia Falcone and Ra’s Al Ghul.

GOTHAM’s fourth season was supposed to air on September 28th, but you can expect to watch GOTHAM when it returns at an earlier date on September 21st at 8/7c on FOX.

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