After weeks months of waiting, and weeks of teasing, GOTHAM has finally arrived on our TV screens. It’s the first of this season’s new comic book inspired television shows, and FOX had such high hopes for it, debuted on the very competitive 8pm Monday spot. Needless to say, I was excited, but was it any good?

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I say yes, but i have some reservations as well. The show didn’t waste any time getting to the point of who people are, and thats a good thing. Batman has been around since the thirties. Spending too much time retelling what most people already know, including non comic readers, would have been a flaw.

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Right off the bat (pardon the pun) we get a feel for the straightforward Jim Gordon, and the precinct of questionable merit he works for. We get glimpses of the path a young Selena Kyle walks on, and tension between Gotham PD and the homicide unit Allen & Montoya. Gotham city itself appears gritty, and smoky and dirty. Even if you somehow didn’t know this was inspired a comic book, you can immediately compare it to pulp stories of the past.

However it seemed the introductory episode had an incredibly fast pace throughout the entire episode, and it was a turn off. It would have been better service to viewers if we were allowed to digest everything instead of being force fed the stylistic approach Gotham uses to avoid looking like an ordinary cop drama.

Did we need to know Renee Montoya had a previous relationship with Gordon’s fiance now? Did we have enough time to notice Edward Nigma’s reaction to Jim Gordon correctly answering his riddle? Do viewers get to understand that although Bullock is a dirty cop, he truly does love his city? Did we need to be introduced to every capital character in the first episode?

I don’t mean to harp, I enjoyed Gotham. I like the fresh take on the characters I know like Penguin who steals the show. Gordon comes off as likeable and strong, the city is alive an adventure to jump into. We’re meet Fish Mooney, a new character to the Bat-world but a welcome adition who should be fun to watch in upcoming seasons. I look forward to seeing more from this show, but I hope style doesn’t supersede substance or I’ll be considerably let down by the amount of talent working on this program.

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