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I turned on my television last night to catch episode four of what has so far been a disappointing series. What began as high hopes have been gradually diminishing with each new episode (a feeling that is the complete opposite of my feelings toward’s CW’s Flash and Arrow series). Though the first episode had its flaws, the show hasn’t gotten any better.

Last week was a low for me, and this episode was only slightly better. The villain of this episode was more sinister and evil, which worked better than last week’s “Balloonman.” The character, an assassin, used a weapon that could become part of Penguin’s arsenal. The most interesting part of the assassin story was that we don’t know for sure who hired him.

It’s a pretty good bet that it was Fish Mooney, though, who was hiring girls who would do anything to succeed as a “Plan B.” Presumably, “Plan A” was the assassin, whose targets were political figures that both Maroni and Falcone were involved with.

Penguin, though in a much smaller capacity, has the best part of the show, and we begin to see his real criminal genius.

But for some reason, the episode was just boring. Bullock is wearing on me. The shtick between him and Gordon has become routine at this point. I’m also kind of tired of “villains-of-the-week” who aren’t Batman-universe characters. Fish Mooney is the weakest part of the show, and I’m waiting for her to meet her inevitable doom.

In other news, it’s been announced that Tommy Elliot (Hush) and Leslie Thompkins have been added to the roster for this season of Gotham. Tommy will show up in a cameo capacity, which I assume will open up the character to be explored further in season two. Leslie, of course, is a huge influence on young Bruce, and it makes sense to see a lot of her.

But, if the show doesn’t improve, the question will be- does anyone want to see a lot of any of these characters?

How about you? Are you tired of Gotham yet, or is it too early to count this show out?

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