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In this week’s Gotham adventure, the audience follows Bullock and Gordon on a missing-persons case. The twist is that Alfred is along for the ride, because the missing persons are none other than Bruce and Selina. Turns out Selina is being hunted down by Copperhead, and Bruce is caught up in the crossfire.  Gordon, suspecting Lovecraft of being behind it all, finds out that Lovecraft is being hunted down by the same people.  Gordon is framed for Lovecraft’s murder, and must deal with the consequences.

The plot is straightforward overall, and is almost completely devoid of Penguin and Fish. There is a brief, though sentimental, moment from the Riddler towards the end of the episode. Harvey Dent made an appearance. However, one character finally reappears nine episodes after their first introduction: Ivy Pepper. Remember her?

Seriously, does anyone remember her?

This episode serves three major purposes overall, and in them it succeeds. First and foremost, it helps to develop the relationship between Bruce and Selina. She introduces him to a few characters, including Ivy Pepper, who is incredibly odd, and apparently scary to Selina. Bruce jumps his first rooftop, with Selina’s help. The two even share a first kiss. I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Selina, who develops into a nicer person, at the urging of Bruce. Bruce, on the other hand, has had some firsthand experience in stopping an assassin, surviving on the street, and overcoming incredible odds.

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This is even cooler in light of Alfred’s role in everything. He’s at the forefront of the action here, fighting assassins alongside Gordon and Bullock. This is the first time I can think of that Alfred’s Royal Air Force training has been used effectively on screen. He showed that he could really handle himself against a pretty cool foe. Copperhead used some similar grapples to her “Arkham Origins” counterpart. “Arkham Origins” was the first representation of Copperhead as a female- in previous iterations, the name was used by a male who suffocated people with a tail.

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The coolest move that has been made, and which will most heavily effect the immediate future of the show, is Gordon’s move to Arkham Asylum. This is what instigates Nygma’s little hug moment with Gordon, and where we’ll pick up next episode. Gordon as an Arkham security guard opens up a huge opportunity for expanding the villain roster of Gotham. The preview January’s episodes shows a few characters, one of which look like he could be Humpty Dumpty. This could also be a good opportunity to introduce characters like Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow), Harlene Quinzell (Harley Quinn), Julian Day (Calendar Man), and to possibly start up a Holiday storyline (but I’m not expecting it).

This was a pretty decent episode, mostly due to these three developments. The Gordon and Bullock moments were fine, and the action scenes were great. Alfred was entertaining, and the ending was pretty cool and set up for a pretty interesting second half of the season. Penguin, Fish, and Barbara weren’t really in the episode at all (Barbara didn’t appear at all), and honestly, this is a plus for me. Though I do like Penguin, this show is at it’s best when it’s focusing on a cool cop storyline and the mob story takes a backseat.

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– Arkham will be cool to see in January.
– Alfred gets to be a badass.
– Very little Mob story, Fish, and no Barbara.

– Actually, no real negatives stick out to me on this one.


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