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Gotham has been trying desperately to hit some kind of a rhythm, and this week, it may have taken a step in the right direction.

The villain-of-the-week is a character called “The Goat”, whose existence seems to be more important symbolically than narratively. Fans of Batman will recall that “Gotham” means “A safe place for goats,” according to the comic books. Seeing at The Goat is a villain (and that there are more than one “The Goat”s), this seems to suggest that the Gotham we’ve been seeing is a safe place for criminals, killers, and rapists.

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Throughout the episode, we’re reminded of this in many more less subtle ways. A number of characters come out and say the Gotham is no place for heroes. Gordon says that Gotham needs… something.

That something, of course, is Bruce. Get it?

We finally got to see Nygma actually play a part in an episode beyond his 5-second cameos. Unfortunately, it seems like the backstory we’re going to get for The Riddler is one of unrequited love. Why does it always have to be unrequited love?

Well, in the case of the Penguin and his mother, the love is a little TOO requited. What 20-something still gets baths from his mother? This is probably the most uncomfortable scene in the episode, but not because of the suggestiveness. We’ve seen that before.

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The show still suffers in its scripts. There’s a few lines that you can tell actors had no idea how to deliver. “Holy Ghost on a Bicycle” is only one of these truly cringe-worthy lines.

On a bright side, this episode is easily the best so far. This could have something to do with abandoning the Mob story for some time. Fish Mooney’s usually over-the-top acting was absent, and the show fared better for it.

This is a show that still has a long way to go to being great. This episode, though, is hopefully just the first piece of the puzzle.

Will the rest fall into place? What do you think?

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