Caution: Spoilers ahead.

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Last night’s episode of Gotham was definitely not what I was expecting. But then again, who ever expects balloons to be a weapon?

Episode three, titled “Balloonman,” was kind of a miss for me, largely because of the Balloonman- who they totally had me thinking was Professor Pyg.

Pictured: NOT Professor Pyg

Balloonman becomes something of a vigilante, killing those he deems as criminals. It’s an important and pivotal moment for the city and people of Gotham- finally, a citizen is fighting back against injustice. Gotham shows that it’s willing to accept vigilante justice. Bruce sees the story of this guy, and we start to see the wheels turning and the dream of Batman beginning to form.

But isn’t it a bit weird to think that Batman was inspired by balloons?

 The episode was, overall, pretty slow and boring, actually. The fast pace was still there, but had toned down a bit from the first two episodes in terms of number of scenes and cuts (or I am just getting used to it). Major plot points happen in each episode, though, and Penguin returns to Gotham only two episodes after leaving it, and runs into Gordon.

It’s a cool way to end the episode, but the interactions between Penguin and Sal Maroni are probably the highlight of the episode for me. It was a very well-scripted and well-acted scene. Again, though, Fish Mooney seemed overacted.

Gordon and his girlfriend’s relationship gets explored a bit more as she tries to cope with Gordon’s job, but really, many of the scenes in this show feel like filler between cop drama/action scenes and Penguin scenes. They are the real highlight of the show.

Bruce, so far, has been kind of annoying. There is one thing I hope they do with him later in the series (but considering the pace at which the plot moves, it could happen later this season, who knows). Introduce Tommy Elliot. The character, who eventually becomes Hush, is an amazing villain whose origin is intertwined with Bruce’s adolescent years. This show presents the perfect opportunity for that.

Overall, this episode was pretty boring and tired. The Balloonman was nothing I could take very seriously, and the overall plot felt slow and uninspired. Certain moments were pretty cool, but overall, this episode was stale.

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