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In tonight’s episode of Gotham, it’s business as usual for Harvey and Jim as they investigate a robbery that involves something a bit… superhuman. Meanwhile, Fish is still up to her old tricks in her attempts to take over control of the crime families from Falcone and Maroni. Penguin is still underselling himself to sneak right under the noses of those whose lives he’s stealing. Bruce’s deductive reasoning was shown off. And, of course, Riddler made a cameo appearance.

It has taken five episodes, but the formula is pretty set at this point, and I’ve been waiting for a variable to mix things up. It’s possible that “Viper”, a drug that gives its user superhuman strength before killing them, is a precursor to “Venom”, the chemical that Bane is known for using. Even if this is the case, we’re not given a whole lot of reason to care. Something like this should have been treated as groundbreaking in Jim and Harvey’s world, but it felt like any other case.

The performances were fine in this episode; even Fish didn’t seem quite her usual overacted self. Penguin is still the highlight of the show. His rise to power is by far the most interesting aspect of things so far in season one.

The worst thing that a show can be is forgettable, and that’s what Gotham is shaping up to be. Though it’s been contracted for a full first season, it has yet to prove to me that it is deserving of a sophomore year. And honestly, at the pace they’re going, we won’t have much of a need for a sophomore year.

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