GOTHAM CITY GARAGE CH. 23 marks the penultimate story for the hit digital comic by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. This issue shows the beginning of the end as our rebels Supergirl, Big Barda, Natasha Irons, and Wonder Woman team up to stop Lex Luthor from destroying the garage. ComicsVerse has an exclusive preview to this comic you won’t want to miss!

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #3 Exclusive Preview

Lex has pulled out all the stops to wage war against the rebellion including his epic Kryptonian battle armor and Jason Todd’s Red Hood gang. The battle for free will itself lies in this final conflict as Lex Luthor wants to continue his reign over Gotham City. Will the our heroes be able to prevail in the end?

GOTHAM CITY GARAGE has been an incredibly successful digital series based on the product line of the same name. Besides the series promoting a great line of DC Collectibles, it also serves as a fantastic DC Elseworld story. Taking cues from MAD MAX, GOTHAM CITY GARAGE has managed to excellently turn the DC universe on its head. The series takes place in a world after a cataclysm that burnt down all the human cities. Lex Luthor has managed to save Gotham City and renamed it the Garden. However, Lex, with his armed enforcers led by Batman, terminate anyone that question Lex’s supremacy. GOTHAM CITY GARAGE CH. 23 will combine Kelly and Lanzing’s fantastic storytelling with more of Brian Ching and Kelly Fitzpatrick’s beautiful art.

From this preview we see that our biker rebels are going to have to make a last-ditch effort to protect their garage. With the garage rests the final hopes for humanity. Can Supergirl and her friends lead the world to a new tomorrow? Or will Lex continue to reign supreme in his Garden? Check out GOTHAM CITY GARAGE CH. 23 to find out now!


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