ComicsVerse is happy to give you an exclusive preview of DC’s GOTHAM ACADEMY: SECOND SEMESTER #10, the second part of “The Ballad of Olive Silverlock.” GOTHAM ACADEMY: SECOND SEMESTER and its predecessor, GOTHAM ACADEMY, follow the life of Olive Silverlock as she explores the eponymous school with her friends. This is no ordinary high school, though — it’s filled with secret passages and ancient treasures. It’s a perfect place for Olive and her friends, who are no ordinary high schoolers.

Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi is Olive’s best friend who, as her name suggests, has mapped out all the secret passageways. She also happens to be the younger sister of Kyle Mizoguchi, Olive’s boyfriend. Pomeline Fritch is an aspiring spellcaster, recently revealed to be connected to Olive’s past in mysterious ways. Last but not least is Colton Rivera, the gear-supplying lock-picker extraordinaire. Together they are the Detective Club!

Recently in GOTHAM ACADEMY: SECOND SEMESTER we’ve been treated to a little bit of Gotham history, all tied into the daring adventures of Olive and her friends. Way back when Gotham was young, Amity Arkham was murdered by the old Gotham elite, giving rise to the Calamity spirit. This spirit traveled through her bloodline, possessing members of her family all the way down through Sybil Silverlock, Olive’s mother. Batman puts her in Arkham, thinking she has some kind of split personality. He also snags Olive a Wayne Scholarship to Gotham Academy to keep an eye on her. This seems to have been prudent, as Calamity is now possessing Olive, intending to wreak havoc upon the descendants of her killers. This is where the preview picks up, with Olive attacking the Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot.

The teens have been following the mystery of Amity Arkham the whole time, without really knowing it. The symbol they were tracking, the interlocking As, was her’s. This led them (minus Olive) to the mysterious Book of Old Gotham. In doing so, they unleashed the full power of Calamity. Now the rest of the Detective Club is searching for clues to help find Olive, and they’re starting with the mysterious masked students calling themselves the Terrible Trio. Now, it seems like Maps too is in danger! Will the remaining students be able to save each other? Find out when GOTHAM ACADEMY: SECOND SEMESTER #10 hits shelves on June 14!


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