The GOTHAM: A DARK KNIGHT midseason trailer has aired, and there’s a lot of crazy going on!

The Joker has returned and teamed up with Penguin, Poison Ivy has a new look…again, and Bruce deals with his guilt and comes face to face with…Batman?! Let’s talk about what we can see from the trailer and what that could mean for the people of GOTHAM!

What’s Come Before on GOTHAM: A DARK KNIGHT

The first part of the trailer provides a recap of the first half of the season, recounting the state of GOTHAM and its many corrupt individuals. Penguin’s hold over the city with his Pax Penguina fails, and he is in Arkham.  Riddler regains his lost intelligence and discovers his feelings for Lee. Grundy remembers his past life.  Still guilty over his killing of Ras Al Ghul, Bruce determines he can’t be a hero for the city and struggles to find himself.

In the process, Bruce fires Alfred as his butler. Selina is moving up in the world with assistance from Tabitha and Barbara. Her father dead, Sofia Falcone strengthens her resolve to control the city, and Gordon has taken the captaincy from Harvey. The first half of the season ended with Penguin coming face to face with none other than Jerome, the alleged Joker.

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Breakdown of the New GOTHAM: A DARK KNIGHT Footage

The second part of the trailer shows a whole lot in a small amount of time. A shadowy figure attacks Bruce. Gordon consoles a disheartened Bruce. He tells him that he has support and people who care for him. Barbara warns Gordon that sometimes we go looking for things we don’t want to find.

Then, Gordon threatens Sofia that if he goes down, so will she.  After that, we see Sofia making a move on Lee’s territory. Later, Bruce’s vigilante mask in the fireplace. After that, Selina asks Bruce for help. Selina apologizes that support is the only reason she came to him, but Bruce says that’s enough.  Jerome and Penguin form a tense alliance within the walls of Arkham.

Ivy once again has a new form, claiming that she has bloomed. After that, she tells Bruce that he has no idea what’s going on with his company and then kisses him. She says she will make miracles happen. Bruce has a vision of a man in a cave. The man says that he is the one that Bruce can’t escape and cannot kill.

The man turns into a mass of flying bats. A shot of Ras Al Ghul in a crowd is seen among other villains, most notably Penguin in a top hat. Ivy says that she wants to make Gotham her bitch. Furthermore, the first part of the trailer also showed new footage of Jerome in Arkham taunting Penguin followed by a shot of a Joker card.

What to Expect for GOTHAM: A DARK KNIGHT

We can probably expect a few things to happen with the rest of the season. Penguin and Joker will break out of Arkham with their newfound team-up. Ivy will launch a plan that will reveal more corruption with Bruce’s company. Selina and Bruce will rekindle their friendship. Riddler will potentially express his feeling for Lee. Ras Al Ghul has unfinished business with Bruce, and Bruce will go on a journey to be the hero the city needs him to be.

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Obviously, the most exciting shots in the entire trailer were the ones with the man in the cape who appears before Bruce.  If you look closely, one can see that the man in the dark has a cape. His voice is deep and could be Batman’s voice. This short scene happens right after Bruce is kissed by Ivy.

Gotham: A Dark Knight

Because her kisses have traditionally been known to give her power over others, her pheromones can induce mental anomalies such as hallucinations. With that in mind, the man in the cave scene is most likely a hallucination/vision within Bruce’s inner psyche. This should be interesting as this might be the way Bruce obtains the symbol to his legend. Also, that man transforms into a bunch of bats. Man…bats. Batman. Hmmm.

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GOTHAM: A DARK KNIGHT returns to FOX Thursday, March 1st.

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