January is almost over, which means it’s almost February, which means we’re almost only two months from new GAME OF THRONES episodes. Sure, it’s a stretch, but isn’t that how we’re all feeling these days? Nothing like a long and cold winter to get you in the mood for GoT. Let’s chip away at some of that ice around our hearts with this edition of GoT news.

GoT Season 8 News

We were spoiled with season eight news last time, but we haven’t gotten much these last two weeks. Benioff and Weiss promise that we will get a full trailer… eventually. They haven’t specified when, but it probably won’t be soon since there isn’t much need to build hype right now.

In the meantime, we have more vague descriptions from cast members. GoT-related headlines are like MadLibs these days: “[Actor’s name] says filming final season was [intense emotion], fans will feel [dramatic cliche].” Each one is less helpful than the last. Sometimes they’re even directly contradictory. Maisie Williams said, “I don’t think anyone is going to be satisfied” by the end of the show, while Kit Harington said that fans would be “very satisfied.” Emilia Clarke took it a step further and said that the final season was “a real whopper,” which is at least different if not actually at all descriptive.

Lena Headey sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk about the show, though we didn’t learn much from it. Headey concurred that the whole thing was emotional, especially the speeches and gifts that Benioff and Weiss gave each actor as they wrapped.

Headey was unforthcoming about secrets from the set, but not every cast member is so secretive. Sophie Turner has apparently told several people how the series ends, though only folks she trusts. Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos) has a different tactic. “We’re all going to die,” he said. “Don’t forget ‘Valar Morghulis,’ which is one of the phrases on the show, which means ‘all men must die’.” That is technically true but definitely not what fans were asking.

Spoiler-Free Spoilers

This column is and always will be spoiler-free, but these details might fall close to that territory. We found out how long these last six episodes of GoT will be. The first two episodes will be 60 minutes apiece and the last four will be 80 minutes. It’s unclear if these times were a leak or an official statement. French magazine Premiere, an affiliate of HBO, tweeted them with a rather surreptitious looking photo. Either way, the episodes are less than the “feature-length” that had been circulating for months. In total, the series will be 440 minutes, which is the same as in season seven.

Seriously, where are they going to get someone that size to double the Mountain? Courtesy of HBO.

Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, told Mashable that he, the literal World’s Strongest Man, has a stunt double in season eight. Presumably, this mean’s that the Mountain’s action in season eight will be more substantial than in previous seasons. The logical conclusion is that we’re finally getting Cleganebowl. The only opponent really formidable enough for the Mountain is his own brother, the Hound. Where production managed to find someone the same size as Bjornsson and more capable of doing stunts we don’t know.

Money for Nothing

All those hours wasted spent watching GAME OF THRONES might be about to pay off. Several opportunities have arisen to earn money to watch your favorite show. The company behind GAME OF THRONES: The Touring Exhibition is hiring 150 new employees to bring the tour to Belfast. The company also has a Titanic exhibition, so if you’re a fan of GoT or the Ship of Dreams, and have a knack for the tourism and hospitality industry, sign up for TBL International’s Showcase Day. Applicants will have to complete a task from the judging panel and give an “interpretive presentation,” whatever that means.

For the more sedentary among us, Now TV is giving away a “Box Set Sabbatical” consisting of £35,000 and a year of Now TV to take the year off and binge watch their favorite shows, including GoT. The European cable company’s research showed that one in four Brits felt left out when people talk about a show they don’t watch, and one in five had crammed in episodes on lunch breaks, all-nighters, and sick days. So, Now TV will legitimize one lucky binger’s obsession. The winner will have to show passion and creativity in a video or photo shared on Twitter.

A Little Bit of Everything GoT

Basically, any arena you can think of is getting a GAME OF THRONES tie-in these days. Some are more obvious: new Funko Pop figures will be available in March, this time showing Dany, Cersei, Jon, Tyrion, and the Night King sitting on the Iron Throne. Others are less obvious. Minor League Baseball team the Peoria Chiefs will wear GoT-themed jerseys for “Westeros Night,” which will later be auctioned off for charity.

Courtesy of Funko.

Some are purely educational. Tourism company Overland Ireland has released “Where in Westeros,” a Google Maps-based game that tests your knowledge of GoT filming locations. If you need to brush up on your history, tour group Fable and Lark will host tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City focused on GAME OF THRONES and LORD OF THE RINGS. Art from medieval England will feature heavily since George R. R. Martin took inspiration from the War of the Roses. “Crown & Prophet: An Epic Fantasy Adventure,” as the company bills it, is also a scavenger hunt in which participants will have to “race against the clock to solve a series of challenges.”

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