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Golden Bell Entertainment is an enterprising independent publishing company, founded by Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Robert Gross. Together, this hard-working team has fashioned Golden Bell into an attractive home for talented creators. Through their shared expertise, the founders of Golden Bell enable artists to not only produce their projects but, ultimately, bring them to the market.

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Independent comics fans and convention-goers might recognize THE SUNDAY COMICS, a unique comics anthology published by Golden Bell that features a massive roster of over 300 collaborating artists and writers. THE SUNDAY COMICS’s gorgeous, full-color layouts are printed on newsprint, an homage to the Sunday ‘funnies’ carried in most American newspapers. Reading THE SUNDAY COMICS is a journey in style and story, and, in my experience, there’s always something that will catch your eye, from the jaunty INSECTALES to the beautifully illustrated, thought-provoking THE LOOP. Moreover, THE SUNDAY COMICS features work from acclaimed creators like Mike Collins (DOCTOR WHO), Julieta Colas (RICK AND MORTY), and Jorge Gutierrez (THE BOOK OF LIFE).

However, Golden Bell Entertainment isn’t just a comics publisher. Through their subsidiary studio Polar Press, they’re publishing novels and children’s books from writers and artists around the world. In December, they’ll be releasing Ezelle Van Der Heever’s illustrated novel THE VALIARD MANSION with plans to adapt the story into an animated TV feature. Golden Bell also makes stuffed animals! Having previously adapted Rachel Fogg’s adorable FATTERPILLARS into a line of adorable plushies, Golden Bell’s Stuffimals studio recently partnered with the creator of MARSHFELLOWS to make the first ever stuffed Marshfellow. If you’re interested in picking up this huggable s’more, Golden Bell is running a crowdfunding campaign.

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Meeting Marc and Rachel was one of the highlights of our con. They’re extremely personable, enthusiastic creators who love comics, art, and movies just as much as their fans. Marc and Rachel ooze enthusiasm, and their conversations about comics and film ring with the kind of quality insights only personal experience in those fields can beget. Fundamentally, they care about their work and the people with whom they work. For this reason, we expect Golden Bell will have a brilliant future.

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