Archie, Jem and the Holograms, Betty Boop; Gisele Lagace has done it all.

With a new series on the way, Lagace is expanding her ever-growing universe of comics. From adult comic MENAGE A 3 to ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES, Gisele Lagace has comics for everyone. On top of that, Gisele Lagace gives us the news on what to expect from her new series, EXORSISTERS.

EXORSISTERS is the story of Kate and Cate Harrow. These sisters are in a comic book space that is somewhere between adorable and horrifying. If you have a problem with demons, or your fiance has been dragged to hell, they would be the pair you would call! But are the identical twins really that different? Written by Ian Boothby and art by Gisele Lagace, this series starts off on a journey of Hellish proportions.

Catching Up With Gisele Lagace

At New York Comic Con 2018, ComicsVerse had the chance to catch up with Gisele Lagace and her newest works. She’s illustrated works such as JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS and the BETTY BOOP mini-series. However, this series is slightly different from her previous works.

Kate and Cate Harrow are sisters that are more punk than we’ve seen with her previous popular works. Lagace talks about her own punk background and her own experience in a band, Barbarella. Her artistic abilities surpass drawn art and go into her ability to play multiple different instruments. If you haven’t already, you should check out this video of her playing! She wrote the guitar solo for the song but played the bass in it.

Also, we find out how her anime and manga interests influence her art. Gisele Lagace talks about how Rumiko Takahashi and Takeshi Obata, and how their art has seeped into her own work.

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EXORSISTERS #1 dropped October 17th. Be sure to pick up a copy here! EXORSISTERS #2 comes out November 21st, so you have time to snag the first issue. If you’re a fan of her other works or new to her name, this series is sure to possess you!

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