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We are all on a hunt to find the next buffet of content to tide us over. Our culture has evolved into a society that demands the mass consumption of entertainment. We’re starving for content that we can binge as fast as we can. With access to a plethora of platforms, from comic websites and streaming services to the internet itself, we have a lot of media to choose from. That’s really where our problem lies. We have too much content to choose between to make easy decisions.

How do you find what content is worth our time? Maybe the idea came from an ad that popped up or a recommendation on your queue. Maybe you find it from a friend telling you it’s worth your time. Well, let me be that friend with a suggestion.

LINE Webtoon is a web browser and app where you can read webcomics from around the world. GIRLS OF THE WILD’S, like everything on LINE Webtoon, is FREE to read and will satisfy your binging needs!

Into The Wild

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I won’t be diving too deep into the plot as to avoid any spoilers. GIRLS OF THE WILD’S is a webcomic written by Hun with art by Zhena, initially published on Naver Webtoon in August of 2011. The English translation is now available on Line Webtoon. The story is about Jaegu Song, the first male student to enter the prestigious Wild’s High School. Jaegu’s mother abandons him after his father’s death. He must take care of his younger siblings who are in elementary school while he attends high school.

Wild High School is the once all-female top tier institute focused on MMA. Where Texas takes pride in football, Wild’s crown jewel is combat. Our physically inept protagonist finds himself befriending three of the school’s top fighters. They are the boxing champ Moonyoung Lee, the captain of the taekwondo club Daldal Choi, and the one who stands above them all, Ingui Yoon aka Queen.

The plot explores his growth as a person as he adjusts to his new school and grows as a fighter. He learns to fight under the tutelage of the three girls as well as the plethora of side characters introduced in the story. The great thing about the story is that it isn’t just about Jaegu.

The Wild, Nothing To Mess With

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It’s an action series, so the fights pump our adrenaline. Zhena’s art focuses on MMA movements and it shows, giving us an abundance of fighting styles in series. The focus on the technique is there, with the suspension of reality in some. His art highlights the tone of each fight. For instance, sharp action lines adding impact to the blows. In addition, minimal background art that forces the eyes to focus on the action, and unique character designs with pops of color. This adds just the right amount of flair to keep you entranced in the fight.

More Than They Seem

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Moonyoung, Daldal, and Queen are all deep, layered characters. The story progresses at a steady pace where we learn the inner workings of each person. The three characters start as cliche high schoolers. Queen is the rich girl who has it all, Moonyoung is a tough as nails fighter, and Daldal is the plucky comic relief. These archetypes shed the further we go into the story. We start to see the real person who lies within them.

GIRLS OF THE WILD’S isn’t built on finding a new reason to punch someone. Drama and romance play a substantial role in the story. Each character tries to overcome their struggles, like Jaegu trying to balance school and taking care of his siblings while being broke. Characters you expect to be one-note evolve to complex characters, like Daldal’s growth throughout the story. They are still high schoolers, but the story doesn’t fall into stereotypical traps. Instead, GIRLS OF THE WILD’S uses troupes found in the genre to grow the characters.

The Unspoken Contract

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One thing that plagues us bingers is that after investing hours, even days, of our lives into something, we inevitably get to an end. Well, at least what should be the end. Either the story isn’t finished yet or is in the middle of an arc, and we are forced to wait weeks for the next chapter or episode. (Looking at you, ONE PIECE.) Properly binging something requires that we can get to a specific, tidy end. That’s the criteria of what makes something binge-worthy. The story must be finished or done with its current arc.

GIRLS OF THE WILD’S was completed in October of 2016 so that box is checked. This matters because as readers we subconsciously make a deal with whatever we are reading. We are willing to give a part of our lives to read, watch, or listen to the content and in return, we want to feel like it was worth it. We don’t want to be left on the last page wondering if their end of the bargain will be fulfilled.

This is unavoidable for some stories and that decision is not always up to the creators. It doesn’t make the journey any less impactful, but it leaves a sour taste in our mouths. GIRLS OF THE WILD’S doesn’t leave you with that feeling. Of course, you will wish there was more but, in the end, it’s all wrapped up in a neat package ready for you to open.

Welcome To The Wild

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Areas in GIRLS OF THE WILD’S will leave you feeling unsatisfied, but it is a fantastic story ripe to be read back-to-back. You will see the characters grow on the page. They will face the challenges in front of them with either their fists or with their words. I know that in the end, when you put this down after a weekend of solitude in your room, these scenes will stick with you. GIRLS OF THE WILD’S will stay with you as you’ll find yourself months later remembering that one panel where Queen demolishes her opponent or when Jaegu finally shows some initiative. Aren’t moments like these what makes a series worth binging in the first place?

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