Giant Days 20 Cover
GIANT DAYS #20 by John Allison, Max Sarin, and Lissa Treiman
John Allison & Max Sarin give readers a gentle prologue into the students' second year.
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IKEA or Bust!
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What is this Series All About?

GIANT DAYS reminds us everyone is nervous about going away to school. Many of us remember the fears that came with our first day of college. You feel pressured to make something of yourself, to stand out and make your family and friends proud. Reading this series is like a great chat with your dorm mate, someone you can decompress with and have a laugh.

GIANT DAYS  follows the story of Susan, Esther and Daisy, three university students dealing with everything from flocks of Mean Girls to break-ups. First, there is Esther, the sweet goth girl trying to find her place in the world. Next is Susan, smart, strong and recently dumped. Last but not least Daisy, the mum of the group and the voice of sanity. Together, these three have formed a wonderful friendship. Their equally unique personas cause each other to grow as people throughout each volume.

In This Issue

In GIANT DAYS #20, Susan, Esther and Daisy are back for their second year of university. The trio are now sophomores, they’ve arrived. They are worldly, classy gals, or at least they like to think so. Our sophomores have moved back to their quaint little college town early to settle into their new off-campus home.

Giant Days pg.3They cannot get over how much they love their new home, especially the furniture. Its not until they try to laze about that they find out the horrible truth. It seems that the tenants before them decided to fix the things they destroyed with nothing but glue and lies! Giant Days pg.3

With the landlord away and Susan keeping her distance from her handyman ex-boyfriend McGraw, the girls have no choice but to quest where poor college kids must go, to where low funds can get buy you a TÄRENDÖ and a belly full of meatballs. I’m talking, of course, about IKEA.

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Giant Days pg.4

Comic books will usually do spoofs of well-known retailers and corporations, such as Whackdonalds. So it was surprising that IKEA was actually used in this plot. If anything, this was a love letter to the Swedish furniture giant. A good portion of the issue is the girls maneuvering around the monolithic labyrinth of furniture, including a hilarious pretend soap opera they created that escalated in each mock room set up in the store. Each panel of this journey into apartment renter pride is beautifully illustrated by Max Sarin.

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With a new apartment comes what most of us living on our own have dealt with, the cranky neighbor. This new neighbor, nicknamed the Spectre, already doesn’t seem to be a fan of university students. I like to think the addition of an elderly character will force our protagonists to mature in a more emotional way. Its no secret that people on different sides of a wide age gap tend not to “get” one another. I hope for a moment they will have to see things from the Spectre’s point of view.

Writer John Allison (SCARY GO ROUND, BAD MACHINERY) turned an excursion to Ikea into a full-blown, fun packed issue. I suppose the only thing missing in this story was any continuing plot line from year one. There were a few exceptions, of course. We got a little hint at Daisy’s blooming love life, but, all in all, this is a nice soft cushion for us to land on for what I expect to be a crazy new school year.

In Conclusion

The girls have left their dorm behind them. I have a feeling this is all just a nice calm before the storm, and I can’t wait for the next issue. Grab your copy today to join as GIANT DAYS newest arc begins!

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