I have two facts that will blow your mind. Ready? First, as means of a disclaimer, chimps are not monkeys. Like gorillas, orangutans, and bonobos, chimps are apes because, among other traits, they don’t have tails. Second, and more excitingly, MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1 is here. What is MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1, you ask? It’s only the latest great sci-fi buddy adventure from Matthew Sardo and Ruben R. Diaz. The space-age comic features endearingly scrappy heroes, a robot and a chimp, charmingly brought to life by Vanessa Cardinali’s explosive art.

Image courtesy of Monkeys Fighting Robots

When extraterrestrial war forces Gruff, an ultra-evolved chimp, and M, an advanced android, to flee their home galaxy, Earth may be the only option for survival. But Gruff and M aren’t alone. The two inexplicably must safely shepherd a human infant from harm’s way. Biblical? Possibly. Exciting and humor-filled? Definitely. Sardo and Diaz’s witty writing verges on sarcastic, giving the comic a wonderfully self-deprecating edge.

Fresh and Feminist Sci-Fi in ANGELIC Vol. 1

Post-Human, Post-Haste

The incredibly fast-paced comic hits the ground running as Gruff and M abandon ship (literally) to land on Earth with their fragile package. Sardo and Diaz lace their comic with clues as to Gruff’s backstory but provide tantalizingly few hints as to how Gruff and M joined forces to save the child. Nevertheless, the comic skillfully creates a sweet rapport between Gruff and M, which is both gentle and surprising given the comic’s title. This primate and android are lovers, not fighters! Moreover, Sardo and Diaz hilariously portray humans as untrustworthy and misguided, especially when it comes to both animal rights and an unchecked scientific industrial complex. MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1 is delightfully post-human and full of humor and sci-fi excitement.

Monkeys Fighting Robots
Image courtesy of Monkeys Fighting Robots

MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1 Will Make You Go Ape! Er… And Android?

MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1 won’t make you pick a side: Both Gruff and M, the representatives of the monkeys and robots, are in it to win it. Lucky for readers, both are also equally adorable. With bold lines, Cardinali’s sketches give the comic a strong emotive energy while keeping pace with the writing. Indeed, Cardinaili’s style brings out a nostalgic element to the sci-fi comic that is refreshing for the genre. Together, Cardinali, Sardo, and Diaz are the creative dream team to match to their odd-couple heroes.

Image courtesy of Monkeys Fighting Robots

MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1 is an epic start to a brilliant adventure. Planet of the Apes fans will go bananas for Gruff, and M will remind readers of the gentle Iron Giant. The friendship between the ape and robot makes them a lovably dynamic duo. The two’s intergalactic escapades get off to a dramatic start in MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1. Readers take note: this comic will make you itch for the next issue!

Get your copy of MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS #1 here.

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