What’s that? Disney is ruining your childhood by making a prequel about one of the greatest movie characters of all time? Lucasfilm is stepping all over your nostalgic memories in a quest to make billions of dollars and destroy their fanbase? Shut up. Nobody cares. Especially not Disney. And why should they? Disney & Lucasfilm know you’ll see it. But better yet, they know they can make it good. They wouldn’t be in this game if they didn’t think they had the best talent (which they do) behind the project, and they’re fully aware they will be demystifying Han’s suave and mysterious origins. However, there’s no telling what this movie has in store for him, but Disney is the king of blockbusters. They scarcely put out a bad movie under any of the franchises they own. If you’re worried a movie is going to ruin your life and your fond memories with Han Solo action figures, then stay home or go see a different movie.

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Sure, there are plenty of other STAR WARS films fans would like to see. What about a solo Obi-Wan Kenobi flick? Or a Boba Fett tale? The list goes on and on, but Disney chose to fill in some blanks about one of their already established characters. While it stings that we won’t see Ewan McGregor wielding a lightsaber again anytime soon, the movie we’re getting still has a chance to be great. And why not get excited for it? It’s STAR WARS, for Christ’s Sake. The movie is happening whether the Reddit users and Youtube commenters want it to or not. It’s much more fun to enjoy something and look forward to it than hate it without even seeing it. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t see it. For the rest of us, though, there is plenty to be hyped about.

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The talent behind the film is immense. Disney has tapped two of the hottest commodities in the industry to helm the film. Phil Lord & Chris Miller —the minds behind THE LEGO MOVIE, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and the 21 JUMP STREET films— will be directing. Lord and Miller have proved that they not only have brilliant senses of humor, but can also take already established material and make it their own. THE LEGO MOVIE is often deemed one of the best animated films of the last decade, with that level of wit and intelligence it’s exciting to think they’ll be handling a character like Han Solo.

Writing the film is STAR WARS veteran Lawrence Kasdan alongside his son, Jon. Rumor had it that it was part of the deal when bringing Lawrence on board to write EPISODE VII. He would work on FORCE AWAKENS, and in exchange Disney would let him write a Han Solo film with his son. There is no confirmation on this, but it makes sense. Kasdan clearly loves the character and wouldn’t have agreed to do it without a solid idea of where the story was going to go.

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Speaking of the man himself, Alden Ehrenreich will be playing the titular role. While he isn’t quite a household name, he definitely has the looks and the skill to pull it off. He recent starred in HAIL, CAESAR! and has had a few other small roles. It is probably best that the actor portraying Han isn’t entirely well-known, as it allows the audience to go in with zero preconceived notions about the actor and his methods. To be blunt, the dude looks a lot like a young Harrison Ford and beat out a ton of other candidates for the role. Disney wouldn’t hire just anybody.

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This all being said, there’s a lot to look forward to. And yes, the movie could flop, careers could go up in flames, and Disney could lose billions of dollars across the board. Maybe reddit commenter u/Patreol has a point when he says “fuck prequals and origin stories,” (not a typo, just quoting accurately) and maybe Youtube commenter Hannahh184 has a point when she says “ITS NOT GOING TO BE HAN SOLO WITHOUT HARRISON FORD!!!!” But here’s a funny thought: what if it’s awesome? What if it’s fun, smart, action-packed and brings Han Solo to a new generation with a fresh face and a brand new adventure? What if the internet is just full of a bunch of old dudes stuck in their ways, resilient to the ever-changing and constantly-evolving face of Hollywood? What if Disney actually knows what they’re doing and just wants to make a fun movie that a family can go enjoy together a few years from now? But then again, what do I know? I’m just an optimist who likes to have a good time at the movie theater.

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