GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 By Kelly Thompson, Stefano Raffaele, Digikore
GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 is an exciting issue including everybody's favorite Marvel archers. Kelly Thompson's writing shines as she depicts Clint Barton and Kate Bishop's team-up in this action packed and humorous issue. For all Hawk-fans, this is the issue for you!
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Fire Your Arrows!

GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 continues Marvel’s good streak with this GENERATIONS anthology series. The comic company has introduced these one-shots as stories where classic superheroes meet their modern counterparts. In this comic Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye, teams up with her mentor Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye.

This issue is both funny and touching as we see a teacher and his student bond together outside of time and space. Kelly Thompson, who is currently writing the Kate Bishop HAWKEYE series, nails the tone and feel of this particular issue. She truly has a great understanding of the characters Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. It makes this issue is such a blast to read.

GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 pg. 4. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Hawkeye and Hawkess

As has been the case with most of these GENERATIONS comics, GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 involves some time travel. Something casts Kate back in time and onto an island where she meets a younger version of Clint. Here Clint is about the same age as Kate, he still wears his goofy purple costume, and he has not met Kate yet. Kate, on the other hand, is fully aware she is meeting a past version of her teacher, but she refuses to tell him who she is since she fears that this will set off some sort of butterfly effect in the future. Much of the comedy in this issue stems from Kate trying to pass off her considerable knowledge of Clint as simply a result of being “besties” with Black Widow. Then instead of introducing herself as Hawkeye, which would greatly confuse him, she calls herself Hawkess, a name Kate instantly regrets coining.

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It’s great to see that classic back and forth between Hawkeye and Hawkeye. The tongue-in-cheek, quippy tone of this comic is reminiscent of Matt Fraction’s HAWKEYE. The best of part of Fraction’s comic was the relationship between the two Hawkeyes. There’s always a sense of humor and not taking oneself as a superhero too seriously in these comics. Even in the title, there is a slight joke with each generation having the exact same moniker of Hawkeye. One of them isn’t the Mighty Hawkeye or the All-New Hawkeye. That’s because both Kate and Clint have a relatable humanness which differentiates them from the more macho heroes with grandiose titles. They don’t have any magic hammers or battle suits. All they have is a bow, a couple of arrows, and the name Hawkeye.

May the Best Marksman Win!

Kate and Clint soon find out that the island is packed with supervillains with marksman abilities. They were brought to this island to determine who is the greatest marksman of all time. So throughout this comic, Kate crosses paths with Taskmaster, Boomerang, Bullseye, and Clint’s own mentor, Swordsman.

GENERATIONS HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 pg. 22. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Swordsman’s relationship to Clint represents an interesting parallel for Kate. Kate has been struggling with the relationship with her father who she is quickly finding out isn’t a very good man. Clint also was betrayed by his father figure when he realized that Swordsman was a supervillain. This time with Clint allows Kate to have someone to relate to on this father-figure front. She summarizes this well on the island:

“To see [Clint] with Swordsman, such a messed-up father figure… and to be going through something so similar in my own life with my father — both of us so unsure how it’s all going to end… makes me grateful to have had a teacher and friend like Clint.”

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GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 has a very different art style than the minimalist art in HAWKEYE by Kelly Thompson. This art by Stefano Raffaele is much more detailed and textured. Raffaele beautifully draws the island that the Hawkeyes are on with its stunning greenery and branches. It serves as a really rich background, but Raffaele also manages to center us on the action. That is because Raffaele uses great detail and care when drawing the figures and the action in the comic. A great example of this is when Kate or Clint release the string of their bow to fire an arrow. Raffaele makes this more than a simple motion but an exciting, intensive moment in the comic.

GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 pg. 15. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

A lot of credit goes to color artist Digikore. He makes the landscape of the island as well as the appearance of the characters both vibrant and beautiful. The purple and pinks of the Hawkeyes’ costumes perfectly make them stand out from the green and browns from the island.

While the art in GENERATION: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 is mostly divergent from Leonardo Romero’s awesome work in HAWKEYE, it does have one similarity. Throughout this issue, we get the classic Hawkeye storytelling technique where we see Kate scan a location with glowing purple circles like a wannabe Sherlock Holmes. I have always loved this stylistic choice because it’s playful but always totally fits with the character of Kate Bishop.

Final Thoughts

GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE #1 is an entertaining and fun adventure between two loveable characters. If you want to see characters chat it up while also kicking archer butt, this is definitely the issue for you. It’s a great love letter to both Hawkeyes and their relationship. Therefore, it’s exciting to know that the two will reconnect in December’s HAWKEYE #12. Until then, this is an awesome recommendation for their great chemistry and humor.

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