With the return of GENERATION X, the X-MEN’s loveable losers have found a place. Whether from sub-par powers or personalities, these young heroes are in the process of learning how to survive their greatest challenge: life. However, with the return of longtime GENERATION X villain Emplate, these characters need more than lessons in self-confidence. Time is not on their sides as team members — past and present — must come together to save the mutants of New York in GENERATION X #8.

In GENERATION X #7, Jubilee and Chamber were forced into battle with their former teammate Monet St. Croix. Now possessed by Emplate, Monet kidnapped Roxy to feed her vampiric hunger, but the team managed to save Roxy and then drive Monet into the sewers after the battle. Wanting to chase down their former friend, Jubilee and Chamber were instead forced to tend to Roxy who froze in the midst of the battle.

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The preview for GENERATION X #8 opens directly after these events. Eye-boy and Nature Girl have agreed to babysit Jubilee’s adopted son, Shogo, taking him to Nature Girl’s favorite spot in a zoo’s bear enclosure. As the attendants shoo the trio out of the zoo, the bears begin to roar and run to their caves. Nature Girl is in tune with the world around her; therefore, she worriedly states that something is coming and that they too should run.

Meanwhile, Jubilee and Chamber take Roxy to the only place that made sense. Sitting in the office of former GENERATION X mainstay Paige Guthrie (Husk), Roxy tries to avoid her own fears and insecurities with a tough woman persona. Paige, though, sees right through the act. She too has been in Roxy’s shoes, believing that her only option was to join the X-Men. And yet, here she sits, going for her Ph.D. in Psychology. As she lets Roxy out, Paige tells Jubilee that she wants to help find Monet. They were friends once, and she wants to free her from Emplate’s control. Jubilee, though, tells her that they have it handled, and to live her new life.

GENERATION X #8 Preview: Final Thoughts

While this issue seems a bit slower, the character exploration showcases writer Christina Strain at her absolute best. Roxy’s avoidance of the trauma of her kidnapping feels entirely visceral and real. However, more than that, the level of foreboding is astounding. Nature Girl’s warning at the opening goes far in isolating the team members in a sort of horror movie setting. Marvel has teased the return of Husk since the reveal of issue #9’s cover. To see her here, though, really excited me as a fan of the original team. Whether she stays true to her “brand-new shiny life” or returns to superheroism, no one can tell. Still, this preview gives a perfect glimpse into the character studies that have defined this series so far.

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