Image Comics has dropped a preview of GASOLINA #1, written by Sean Mackiewicz and art by Niko Walter, a comic focusing on a couple dealing with a violent cartel. The preview moves through love, farm life, and carnage before it’s done. In other words, this is a hell of a ride.

The Story

GASOLINA focuses on Amalia and Randy, a couple described as rebels, newlyweds, and fugitives. They live in Mexico, operating a sugar cane farm. Their narrative starts when a car rams through their field with men shooting their workers and leaving them for dead. It’s a dense story, which is more impressive given the limits of the format.

First of all, the preview of GASOLINA contains only four pages. Consequently, those pages are a whirlwind of shifts. The issue starts with Amalia and Randy having a quiet moment. It ends with an attack and a bloody aftermath. Writer Sean Mackiewicz handles the changes with grace. He establishes the world and, in addition, his central characters through his dialogue and interactions. At the same time Artist Niko Walter draws sunlit meadows and bloodstained kitchens with ease. Both creators put the same touch in showing either love or blood. Because of this, the shifts are properly jarring.

Touch of Reality

GASOLINA focuses on life not seen in America. Americans know about cartels in Central America, though probably not much. They get less of a realistic picture from TV and movies. Therefore the stark artwork and political tinged story show the horror of cartels (though GASOLINA hints at less realistic methods).  Still, a small dose of reality can allow them to give an especially relevant message.

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The relationship angle has promise as well. Amalia and Randy start the series seeming relaxed and content. Yet by the end, they are cleaning up injuries as if they were experienced medics. It’s a fascinating tonal shift, consequently creating insight into their opposing natures. Due to that, there are questions as to who they exactly are as well as questions about the attack.

Heightened Expectations For GASOLINA

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GASOLINA seems full of action and drama. It explores areas not usually seen in comics. As a result, it creates questions about its world. Most of all, it offers a look into a real world danger while still adding new elements. Hence, GASOLINA seems like a long, dark, fiery ride.

So, burn, baby, burn.

GASOLINA #1 hits shelves September 20th. For now, check out the awesome preview!

GASOLINA #1 Full Preview

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