Gamer Girl and Vixen Interview at ComicsVerse

Here at ComicsVerse, we not only cover the freshest material on the stands but also pay very close attention to exciting new creators out there. Webcomics, zines, and self-published works are being produced regularly, and it’s our duty at ComicsVerse to alert the masses to these unique and original stories. Some of you might remember I covered an adorable and unpretentiously progressive series called GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN by creators Kristi McDowell, Sean Ian Mills and artist Gemma Moody. In case you needed any more incentive to check out this feel-good story about two girls’ flirtations with super-villainy (and each other!), they’re back with a full length graphic novel on Kickstarter!

This time around, we’ll be introduced to more new characters like Jumpshot, a do-gooder, sporty vigilante, or Bubb!eGum, the pop star penthouse Bianca and Liz break into on their first crime date. The chemistry between the two is pretty apparent from the start and can only prove to become more intimate in the coming issues. But will their relationship with each other and super-villainy be hindered by their secret identities? While the casual diversity and sugary-sweet love story between these two lovely ladies in GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN are culturally relevant and important, in the end, no one can deny a tale of young romance. We can have the full collection in the GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN graphic novel with your support!

There are many creative ideas out there in the world, and most know how difficult it can be to take action on those ideas. The team behind GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN don’t have that problem. With the great reception on the first two issues, they continue to create more stories for Liz Jaczynski and Bianca Crowley, our star-crossed lovers who just want to have fun. But you don’t have to take my word for it. I got a chance to talk to Kristi McDowell, Sean Ian Mills and Gemma Moody about their story, process, and perspectives. Check out the audio interview above, and don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter campaign to produce a fully colored graphic novel, launched today!

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