In GALTRIMONNAE, KerBop the angel is called on to fight a ballistic cyclops. But, she soon discovers the cyclops has a secret that could change the universe.

GALTRIMONNAE takes places in an interstellar domain where KerBop serves as a defender of this solar system. It spans a large part of the galaxy, in which there are many diverse empires, civilizations, and planets where various angels like KerBop watch over life.

KerBop most often occupies her time warding off malicious invaders from deep space, fighting hostile spirits looking to grab power, and dealing with other assorted opponents of peace and harmony. Her one weakness is blueberries, which she finds so madly delicious they expose the raw grandeur of the cosmos from her eyes; from which she draws her strength and motivation, but they also leave her vulnerable. Even the taste of blueberries reveals the astonishing raw beauty of the universe, and she has never understood why they don’t have the same impact on everybody.

GALTRIMONNAE can be read after an earlier work, ELECTRICITY IS HER ELEMENT, which takes place in KerBop’s domain and in the vicinity of Jupiter. These two works are not strictly chronological and can be read in either order.

GALTRIMONNAE updates every Friday. Read GALTRIMONNAE here.

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