ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 is a decent issue. While some points in the story were lackluster, the visuals are brilliant and eye catching.
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Transported to another planet, Superboy, Robin, Rex Luthor, and Joker Junior are sent to intergalactic juvie. Written by Peter J. Tomasi, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 centers around Robin searching for his missing friends, Superboy and Joker Jr. Although there are some lackluster points to the story, this issue features the spectacular art style of Matt Santorelli and Carlo Barberi.

Sent to Detention in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7

After the events from the previous issue, the boys are captured and sent to an alien planet full of underage delinquents. Since Superboy is Kryptonian and his powers rely on the sun, he is separated from the group and locked in solitary confinement with no light. Robin’s best bet on finding Superboy is finding Joker Jr. first. Determined to find his allies, Robin scours the futuristic city.

ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

First, Robin comes across Al-x, a young Green Lantern in training, along with a group of aliens dressed in Earth supervillain costumes. When asked about Joker Junior, Al-x points him in the direction of another new face in this series. Gizmo, a notable Teen Titan villain, makes an appearance in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7. And he’s also working for Rex Luthor. 

Gizmo manages to trick Robin, giving him Joker Junior’s location. Instead of the clown, he finds Luthor in supped-up armor, courtesy of Gizmo. The issue closes with one explosive ending. Will Robin ever find Superboy and Joker Junior? You’ll have to read ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 to find out?

Not So Super Story

Overall, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 has a turbulent story line. Some parts of the plot are genuinely interesting, and some are tedious. Let’s start with the positives. Following Robin as he explores this futuristic planet is absolutely captivating. Since this is a Robin-centric issue, we really see him follow in Batman’s footsteps. Incorporating new characters like Gizmo and Al-x also adds dimension to the story.

Now for the bad news. For the most part, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 felt like one big goose chase. How Robin leapfrogs from person to person while searching for Superboy left me uninterested. And the pacing is a bit too quick, there isn’t much build-up of suspense. All in all, this issue has a decent story line, with definite room for improvement.

Stellar Visuals

ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The artwork in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 is out of this world. Vibrant and eye-catching, this issue has great visuals with a cool sci-fi vibe. The extraterrestrial characters are fun and diverse, bringing this planet of troublemakers to life. Also, the Batman imagery that follows Robin is a brilliant touch. The way his cape moves and falls is so reminiscent of his father, the Dark Knight. And this ties in perfectly with Robin trying to act like Batman in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7. 


Frankly, this issue is a mixed bag. Robin’s search for his friends felt tiresome. The fast pacing left me in the dust. There wasn’t much time to develop suspense or tension, even with Superboy being locked up. There are points like these that really bring the overall story line down. However, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7 has its shining moments.

Incorporating characters like Gizmo and Al-x into the story is a great idea, especially since they are on another planet. Are these new faces friends or foes? We’ll have to wait and see. Also, Robin trying to be like Batman says a lot about his character and how he thinks. Visually, this issue is brilliant. Each character has a unique style about them. Robin’s movements and the use of shadows were so reminiscent of the Dark Knight.

And I’m digging the sci-fi vibe in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #7. The planet has that sleek, futuristic feel to it mixed with the darkness of Gotham. Can our heroes find their way home? Is the Green Lantern in training really an ally? We’ll have to wait for the next chapter.

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