Gail Simone Gives Domino the Spotlight in New Series

Domino, the sexy mutant assassin of the X-FORCE and WEAPON X series, will be getting the solo treatment. This summer, a new series, written by veteran comic writer Gail Simone, will launch. Perhaps best known for her work with DC Comics, Simone has helmed such titles as BIRDS OF PREY and BATGIRL. However, she also wrote a run of DEADPOOL, a series which occasionally features Domino. Fun fact: Simone is also responsible for coining the term “fridging,” a phenomenon in which female characters are introduced into a story merely to be killed off for the sake of drama for the male protagonist.

Simone’s flavor of feminism breathed power into Red Sonja, Wonder Woman, and the many other characters she has written. Simone had this to way about writing for Domino; “My favorite characters are always the unpredictable ones, and with Domino, you literally never know which way the dice are going to roll,” says Simone. “I love her, and I can’t wait to show her best bad side!”

The Femme Fatale Stars in a Story of Her Own

It will be interesting to see what she does for Domino. The character is a relatively minor one in Marvel’s X-MEN universe. Along with her marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills, Domino has the ability to alter the luck of herself and others. This allows her to always hit her mark — and her enemies to almost always miss theirs.

From what we’ve heard, this upcoming story will isolate Domino, giving the ready time to understand what makes her tick. According to Marvel Entertainment, “Marvel’s soldier of fortune has found herself on the wrong side of the Marvel Universe merc community. Hunted by enemies, a danger to her friends, and chased by the one man who hates her more than anything in the world, Domino must fight for her life against her biggest threat — herself.”

“Domino will continue to be one of the breakout stars of WEAPON X, but fans have been clamoring to see her get the spotlight for some time now…well, your wish has been granted!” says  Chris Robinson, the editor for the new DOMINO series.

The timing of this announcement is no coincidence. With Domino appearing in DEADPOOL 2 this summer, Marvel surely wants to reintroduce their spotted sniper before her on-screen debut. New readers can thus meet a character that has, until now, existed in the margins of other X-Men stories. Those who already know and love Neena Thurman will be happy to hear about her solo run, which comes out April 11th, 2018.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

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