Perhaps the most underrated book in DC Comics’ line-up is FUTURE QUEST. Jeff Parker crafts classic superhero action with a murderer’s row of artistic talent. FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #4 arrives in stores next Wednesday with a spotlight on the Galaxy Trio!

Who are the Galaxy Trio?

The Galaxy Trio is a lesser-known set of Hanna-Barbera action characters. However, that doesn’t make them any less awesome! Comic and animation legend Alex Toth created the Galaxy Trio. Each member of the Trio has their own set of unique powers. Meteor Man can increase or decrease the size of his body to enhance his strength. Vapor Man can transform his body into various gaseous forms. Gravity Girl can alter the gravitational fields of objects.

FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #4 will deliver what all superhero fans love: hero vs. hero battles! The Galaxy Trio will square off against the “space ghost with the space most” — Space Ghost! I’m not entirely sure how this fight will go down, but my money is on the Galaxy Trio.

FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS is a great opportunity to read short stories about each of these awesome Hanna-Barbera adventure heroes. In the modern world of superhero comics, it’s nice to read a story with simple continuity and self-contained stories. If you miss the days of Saturday morning cartoons or just love the design of the old school Hanna-Barbera shows, stop sleeping on FUTURE QUEST and pick up this book!

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FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #4 Exclusive Preview Image Gallery

From DC Comics:

Meet the universe’s most-wanted thieves, the Galaxy Trio! Transformed by a freak accident while training to be space rangers, this trio of cadets has embraced the dark side as they experiment with their newfound powers. Can Space Ghost convince them to become the heroes they were destined to be? The fate of the galaxy depends on it! (Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Ron Randall, Colorist: Veronica Gandini)


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  1. susan gallagher

    November 11, 2017 at 9:52 am

    Righto, let’s have a “Future Quest Presents” which gets my favourites the Impossibles back to how they are meant to be; new member leaving, ties with the ghastly harpy Deva cut, and original Big D and Multi Man’s original costume restored! As well as the friendship and camaraderie which is such a great part of the cartoon – but which seems very undermined in F.Q. A lot of effort went into “fixing” what was never broken. I bought a few copies where I liked the art of them, but, while Future Quest has many great aspects – how the Impossibles are done story-wise isn’t one of them!


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