The latest action packed installment of FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS comes out on June 20th. This month in FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #11, writer Rob Williams spins a yarn featuring the Herculoids! Each arc of the series focuses on one character (or characters) from the massive slate of Hanna-Barbera action characters. FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #11 is the third part of the latest arc centered on the Herculoids.

The Story So Far

For those who don’t know, the Herculoids have some of the coolest designs of Alex Toth’s Hanna-Barbera characters. They’re a prehistoric family just trying to get by in the crazy, barbaric world of Amzot. The Herculoids are unique because of their family dynamic. They’re a mix between the Flintstones and the Fantastic Four.

This arc focuses on the youngest of the Herculoid clan, Dorno. The mysterious Animan offers Dorno, frustrated by the boundaries of childhood, a chance to grow up. However, Animan’s offer is a monkey’s paw, providing more harm than good. In this arc, Rob Williams is taking the classic “kid wishes to be an adult” scenario and placing it into the wild world of the Herculoids. Think the movie BIG if it had swords, monsters, and magic. Who among us hasn’t longed to grow up too fast? For all of its craziness, the world of the Herculoids still has a way to connect to the primal stories of humanity.

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Aaron Lopestri and Matt Ryan are completely crushing it on the art duty. Both artists bring a balance of realism and Toth style to their version of the Herculoids. They are a worthy addition to the murderer’s row of artists that the FUTURE QUEST series has accumulated over the course of its run.

FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #11: The Herculoids!

In this latest issue, Dorno has been granted both adulthood and god-like powers. This will set him on a path of confrontation with his family. However, what is the goal of Animan and why does he want to bring young Dorno under his sway? Find out next week!

FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #11 hits stores on June 20th! Check out our preview below!


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