Plotlines established in BLACK PANTHER, CAPTAIN MARVEL, DOCTOR STRANGE, and ENDGAME set the stage for Doctor Doom to join the MCU. Including Doctor Doom as a supporting character in the MCU might fill the void of a fan-favorite villain like Loki. Unfortunately for the Marvel heroes, such a character would easily steal the spotlight for years to come.

The other day, Noah Hawley revealed that he talked to Kevin Feige about his Doctor Doom project. Hawley’s film reportedly follows a storyline inspired by THE BOOKS OF DOOMwritten by Ed Brubaker. Since THE BOOKS OF DOOM is merely a recap of Doctor Doom’s origin story, this would only be the beginning. As a result of the Disney/Fox Deal, future MCU films could go on to adapt comic book sagas similar to DOOMWAR, DOOMQUEST, and SECRET WARS.

Here are five storylines the MCU should consider adapting.

1. Black Panther: Doomwar

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Various villains have tried and failed to steal vibranium from Wakanda, but in 2010’s DOOMWAR, written by Jonathan Maberry and illustrated by Scot Eaton, Victor Von Doom successfully robbed the people of Wakanda of their most prized possession, firmly establishing himself as one of Black Panther’s primary antagonists. But the tense relationship between the ruler of Wakanda and the king of Latveria goes back way before DOOMWAR.

T’Challa’s and Doom’s conflict was first established (to my knowledge) in the 1970s. ASTONISHING TALES (1971) #6 actually begins with Doom torturing a Wakandan in hopes of retrieving the coordinates to Wakanda. Obviously, this specific aspect of the storyline would not make sense in an MCU film because the location of the MCU’s version of Wakanda is known to the whole world.

Nonetheless, a sequel to 2018’s BLACK PANTHER could include a scene of Doom interrogating a Wakandan about the location of Wakanda’s vibranium mines. With that information, Doom could then invade the country and take as much of the stuff as he pleases. This would be one heck of an introduction to Doctor Doom. It would also be a fitting consequence of T’Challa’s decision to open up Wakanda to the rest of the world.

2. After Thanos: Secret Invasion

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When writing Doctor Doom, it is important to maintain ambiguity about his morals and true intentions. The AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES television show clearly understood this, and so should the MCU. In an episode of AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES titled “Infiltration,” Doctor Doom assisted the Avengers by inventing a “genetic key” that exposes “the Skrulls hidden among us.”

To this day, many fans want stories like SECRET INVASION to be adapted into the MCU. An army of Super Skrull antagonists would provide a great challenge for the Avengers following Thanos. (Not just because Skrulls and Thanos both have wrinkly chins.) However, the depiction of Skrulls in 2019’s CAPTAIN MARVEL makes a SECRET INVASION film difficult. Or does it?

Recently, Kevin Feige hinted, during an interview with, that “Skrulls probably have a variety of moralities amongst them.” Therefore, the Skrulls’ moral compass in the future of the MCU may yet be adjusted. One way Marvel could rectify this is by having Doctor Doom be the first to discover the Skrull’s true motives. Then, he could become a mysterious benefactor to the Avengers. With his help, the Avengers might actually stand a chance against the alien threat.

3. Doctor Strange: Triumph and Torment

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Roger Stern and Mike Mignola’s TRIUMPH AND TORMENT plays like a character study of Doom and his quest to rescue his mother’s soul from Mephisto. The plot follows Doctor Strange joining Doom on an epic journey to Latveria, and eventually Mephisto’s realm. Throughout the book, Strange takes notice that there is more to Doom than meets the eye. This iconic storyline, like the previously mentioned episode of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES, demonstrates the morally ambiguous, and surprisingly noble nature of Victor Von Doom.

Beyond highlighting Doom’s honorable character traits, adapting such a plot into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would expand the franchise’s roster of sorcerers, magical lore, and potential long-term villains. Including the contest of sorcerers which begins the plot of the comic book would familiarize audiences with other sorcerers. Establishing an index of magic-users in the MCU would be especially beneficial for the future of the Doctor Strange franchise.

For example, DOCTOR STRANGE (2016) showed us that Baron Mordo believes there is “price to pay” for violating the natural law. Showing how Mephisto tortures Doom throughout his whole life would really put this quote into perspective. Additionally, the DOCTOR STRANGE post-credits scene reveals that Baron Mordo threatens to reduce the population of sorcerers, but we don’t know very many. Mordo killing off characters with which audiences are familiar would have much more impact than him murdering nameless magicians.

4. Doom Travels Through Time

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DOOMQUEST is a two-issue event that begins in IRON MAN #149 and concludes in IRON MAN #150. The event is a short and fun story about Tony Stark and Doctor Doom getting trapped in medieval times. They eventually escape together by building a time machine out of nothing but their armor. The scene echoes how Stark built his first suit in a cave.

More importantly, IRON MAN #150 reveals that Doom constantly utilizes time travel to advance his skills as a sorcerer. Doom’s ultimate goal is to learn from previous masters in order to defeat Mephisto and save his mother’s soul. But the exact number of times Doom travels through time remains a mystery.  In fact, Doom simply states in IRON MAN #150 that he has “traversed countless centuries seeking out the master mages of history.”

Leaked set pictures from the set of AVENGERS: ENDGAME suggest that time-travel will become a common plot-point in the future of the MCU. Coincidentally enough, time travel is something with which Doctor Doom is all-too-familiar. It would be awesome to see the Avengers go through hardship upon hardship in order to finally time-travel and save the day, only for it to be revealed that Doctor Doom has already mastered time-travel.

5. Secret Wars: Doom Saves The Universe

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Jim Shooter’s SECRET WARS limited series gives Doctor Doom a chance to put his superiority on display. SECRET WARS is about the Beyonder summoning a bunch of Marvel characters and forcing them to battle for the fate of the universe. The series actually begins when the Beyonder summons Doom alongside a group of other villains. Doom immediately cements himself as the most capable individual in the group. Then, Doom quickly formulates a plan of his own to single-handedly solve the cosmic dilemma presented in the 12-Issue Epic. His intellect and ego are ultimately what save the day and prove that “the supreme being in the universe… is Doom!”

SECRET WARS would be another good candidate for Doom to appear in, considering Doom’s involvement in the original storyline. There’s been much speculation about a SECRET WARS film in the MCU. The Russo Brothers themselves revealed in a Q&A with Collider that AVENGERS: ENDGAME will be their last MCU film. That is, “until they’re ready to make Secret Wars.” After witnessing the Russo Brothers expertly adapt Peter Parker in CIVIL WAR, there’s no other team of directors I would trust more with the character of Doctor Doom.

A New Leader for the MCU

Only one man can save the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the many evils that threaten it. (Hint: It isn’t Tony Stark.) Clearly, the fate of the future of the MCU lies in the hands of Doctor Doom. The Disney/Fox deal makes any and all of the five films pitched above possible, and I can’t wait to see which (if any) Marvel will decide to make.

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