If you’ve been following anime news lately, you’ve likely heard about the most recent schism. After an acquisition from Sony, Funimation split from the popular anime streaming service Crunchyroll. In the wake of the split, subscribers of both services saw hundreds of shows disappear from their respective sites of choice. As a result, this meant popular titles like DRAGON BALL SUPER vanished in the blink of an eye from Crunchyroll. For many, this was as much irritating as it was confusing.

But now, anime fans in the UK are getting access to Funimation programming in a new form. Amazon Prime Video in the UK will begin to offer a new channel called FunimationNow. This service provides Amazon Prime members access to tons of new shows available for instant streaming. This is within the broader umbrella of Prime Video Channels, which already allow Prime members to view curated content from a variety of genres. Even more, FunimationNow is the first Sony video service to launch on Prime Video and one of the first major moves Sony has made following its acquisition of the anime streaming company.

More Anime for Your Amazon Queue!

FunimationNow is relatively cheap, coming in at only £4.99 per month with a 7-day free trial. As with all Prime Video, FunimationNow can be viewed within the Prime Video app and is watchable at any time. That means your favorite anime are easily accessible alongside amazing television on your computer, phone, tablet, or Amazon Fire devices. A single Amazon account works here too, so no need to pay separately for new accounts or bounce around multiple apps.

FunimationNow on Amazon Video
FunimationNow on Amazon Video | Image courtesy of Funimation

The service is a strong potential competitor for Crunchyroll considering its lineup. Amazon attempted to launch its own anime services in the past, using popular shows like MADE IN ABYSS or KOKKOKU. However, these consistently paled in comparison to stronger services. The issue began with the service’s $5 per month price point for only a handful of shows. Even though many of 2016’s best series were included with Strike, it was far too curated. Amazon ended the service early in 2018 is indicative of the massive unpopularity and made something clear. Any anime channel needed to have more than just a few good anime. It needed to have a lot of options and plenty of good anime.

Sony’s move to work with them via Funimation makes FunimationNow the channel Amazon always needed. As with most Funimation services, subscribers will have next day content. So, FunimationNow will steam subbed anime the day after the Japanese air date. Dubs will come just a few weeks after that. Considering how great Amazon Video is, this is for sure a tempting option for UK members.

FunimationNow is Staking its Ground!

The end of partnerships between Funimation and Crunchyroll was massive. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how the business side of the anime world handles it. Given how many shakeups are happening, it likely will have big implications for watchers. Especially considering how massive the illegal market is for anime streaming, Sony will have to be careful. It’s a delicate balance to create services at a proper level of convenience, quality, and, most importantly, price point. But, Funimation has always had the advantage of being cheaper than Crunchyroll and Netflix. As a result, FunimationNow might see some subscribers from its relative cheapness.

For UK viewers out there, this is great news. More places to watch amazing shows alongside other amazing shows is, well, amazing. Hopefully, Sony will make good use of Funimation and make streaming even better.

Featured image from Amazon.

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