More exciting news for the best heroes of anime! MY HERO ACADEMIA is just a month away from its Season 3 release date on April 7th. The anime was originally returning via Japanese broadcast. But now, Funimation has revealed that the first six episodes will be broadcast in SimulDub™ in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia and in subtitles simulcast on Hulu and Crunchyroll. As with last season, this SimulDub™ will allow fans of the English voiced MY HERO ACADEMIA to watch the dubbed version on the same day as the Japanese release. Beyond the first six episodes, all 25 episodes of Season 3 will stream in SimulDub™ on FunimationNow. The subtitled version will be available on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Series protagonist Midoriya Izuku | Image: Crunchyroll

For those unfamiliar with MY HERO ACADEMIA, the groundbreaking series centers around a world where special abilities are exceedingly common. Almost all of humanity is born possessing some sort of ‘Quirk.’ These Quirks are often basic superpowers like enhanced strength or speed. Beyond that, they can also completely change the appearance of someone. For example, someone with a frog-like appearance would also have some frog-like abilities. The government regulates the use of Quirks and doesn’t permit unscrutinized use. As a result, those who want to use their power to fight evil (because who wouldn’t?) need a license. Like any professional career, this entails going to school and passing exams.

The anime follows prospective hero Izuku Midoriya. He is one of the few people in the world to be born Quirkless, with no power at all. However, Midoriya has an extremely strong spirit and is committed to saving people. With no Quirk, fulfilling that goal seems impossible. But one day, after meeting legendary hero All Might, Midoriya finally gets his chance. All Might gifts Midoriya with the transferable quirk ‘One for All.’ This incredible power pushes the wielder’s physical abilities to their absolute maximum. Even though Midoriya gains this great Quirk, however, it is not without risk from strain and overuse. The series follows Midoriya as he enters hero school, UA Academy, and trains to become a true hero.

MY HERO ACADEMIA and the Power Struggle

School is Back in Session

Season 3 of MY HERO ACADEMIA features one of the best storylines of the series thus far. Those following the manga can confirm this. Plus, if that weren’t enough, most anime fans will have heard of MY HERO ACADEMIA’s absolute domination in Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards. IGN awarded the anime’s second season both their “Best of 2017 – Anime of the Year” and “2017 People’s Choice – Anime of the Year” awards. On Anime News Network, fans excitedly voted the show #1 on the “Best of 2017 Mega Poll.” Fandom,, Nerdist, and named it not only an incredible series for anime fans, but for comic book and action fans as a whole.

MY HERO ACADEMIA Smashes Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Season 3 centers around a high stakes training camp for our fledgling heroes. They need to develop new super moves and tactics for live-combat situations. To that end, the training camp will pit them against seasoned heroes. These pros won’t be holding back, so the UA students will need to brave the elements and survive constant onslaughts in this secret camp.

Several new heroes are introduced, including the pros leading the camp and other younger characters. Even more so than typical shonen anime, MY HERO ACADEMIA appeals to the heroic genres of the West. After all, tropes like honor, loyalty, and justice extend across multiple cultures and generations. As Gen Fukunaga, CEO and founder of Funimation said, “The series truly resonates with the superhero lore and pop culture representations that North American audiences grew up with and continue to gravitate to.” If the numerous accolades aren’t sufficient confirmation, MY HERO ACADEMIA is a series that fits almost any viewer. This and the incredible plot characters are the reasons for this success.

Go Beyond with New MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 3 Trailer!


The first season of this incredible anime premiered back in April of 2016. In the past two years since then, the manga had released well over 13 million print copies. A digital copy of the manga is published via Viz Media in Weekly Shonen Jump. A new film, MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE, is in development with a Japanese release scheduled for this coming summer. And later this year, MY HERO ACADEMIA: ONE’S JUSTICE will hit video game consoles worldwide. Truly, this incredible anime has transcended the realm of mere series and become a brand in and of itself.

Season 3 will make that brand even better. As a massive fan of MY HERO ACADEMIA, I can assure you I will be watching the first episode of Season 3 the instant I can. For those who have yet to watch, you absolutely should. Funimation has extensive exclusive news and information available via their website. Past seasons are all streamed on Hulu and Crunchyroll, while English dubs and merchandise can be purchased from Funimation. We have just over a month until Season 3 drops. How are you preparing for the next chapter of MY HERO ACADEMIA? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image courtesy of Funimation.

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