You all have heard the news, the $52.4 billion deal between Fox and Disney has officially gone through! This deal brings up a myriad of questions from fans. What does this mean about the state of the Marvel films moving forward? Will Deadpool be demoted to PG-13? Just how much is Disney getting from this deal? But, fear not faithful reader, for ComicsVerse has got your back. Read on to see just how great (and worrisome) this deal really is.

MCU Just Got Even Bigger!

Back in the winter of 1996, Marvel filed for bankruptcy and distributed several of its most lucrative properties – X-Men and Spider-Man. Since then 20th Century Fox and Sony have tried their hand at making films for these characters. These studios have had varying degrees of success over the years, but now with this Fox and Disney deal, the Marvel film universe can be whole once again! This means that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four can interact with the other characters of the Marvel universe.

Fox and Disney

Now last month Kevin Feige stated that MCU has over 20 films on their docket following AVENGERS 4. He most likely will end up changing that line-up to include Marvel’s first family and the X-Men. However, if fans are hoping to see current X-Men actors interacting with current MCU actors, it’s going to be harder than they might think. Longtime Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman portrayed the character for the last time this year in his film LOGAN. When asked if he would return following this deal, he declined.

LOGAN Represents The Perfect Opportunity For FOX To Sell The X-Men Back To Marvel

Not to mention the contracts of several actors within the MCU are going to expire after Avengers 4. Perhaps Marvel might be able to convince these actors to renew their contracts following this news. However, as it stands, long time actors such as Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are done with Marvel after the fourth Avengers film.

Deadpool Will Remain Rated R

While Fox might have had their stumbles with the X-Men franchise (and definitely with the Fantastic Four movies), there is one film that is universally beloved by his fans – DEADPOOL! The 2016 superhero rom-com graced the silver screen with Ryan Reynolds portraying the Merc with a mouth. It was everything any Deadpool fan would want from a stand-alone Deadpool movie. It was raunchy, dirty in all the right ways, and hilarious. FOX was able to produce such a spot-on portrayal of Deadpool because they were able to make the film rated R.

Fox and Disney
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Reynold’s Twitter

One of the major concerns of this deal was the fact that Disney does not do rated R movies. So what does this mean for Deadpool? Rest assured Deadpool fans, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger Deadpool will remain rated R despite the deal between Fox and Disney. It is imperative to them that they continue to make the fans happy.

Disney Now Owns ALL Of STAR WARS

Another big part of the deal is that Disney now owns all of the STAR WARS films, including the original trilogy! This means that fans can expect to see the original STAR WARS films, unedited and re-released to the masses! This means fans will get to STAR WARS with no unnecessary callbacks to the prequels, the return of the Yub Dub song, and Han will get to shoot first!

THE LAST JEDI Review: Growing Pains

There are still some legalities that Disney has to go through to make this happen. But with this Fox and Disney deal, it makes it more likely to happen. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy was adamantly against releasing unedited versions of the STAR WARS films, to respect George Lucas’ vision.

However, being able to obtain Blu-Ray copies of the original unedited STAR WARS films is something that fans have wanted for years. It won’t be long before Kennedy realizes just how much money Lucasfilms and Disney will make by giving this to the fans.

The End Of Hollywood As We Know It?

I know this sounds overdramatic, but hear me out. One of the ComicsVerse members Aaron Young pointed out something very interesting. What are the top three most successful franchises this day and age? In no particular order, they are STAR WARS, the MCU, and Pixar films.

All three of those franchises are owned by Disney. Before this deal, other studio companies worked on their own projects and were in direct competition with Disney. Now that Disney has the rights to several new properties (such as James Cameron’s AVATAR and DRAGON BALL Z) the competition against them has diminished.

Fox and Disney

While it may seem great that fans will get to see their favorite Marvel superheroes interact with one another, the implications of this deal reveal something much darker. Disney will primarily be a conglomerate of even more gigantic franchises. The diversity and competitions are coming to an end, and Disney will reign supreme over the film industry.

Do you think this Fox and Disney deal is worth it? Let us know your thoughts about the deal in the comments!

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