When it comes to anime, FOOD WARS! is on a level of its own. I’m torn between my love for the show and the frustration I feel while watching it. I’m sure other fans of the series understand what I mean. For those of you who aren’t familiar with FOOD WARS!, it features incredible, hunger-inducing visuals and honest humor that is usually paired with sexual scenes where characters are unable to contain themselves thanks to main character Soma Yukihira’s, and everyone else’s, cooking. So yeah, FOOD WARS! is something.

On Friday, June 30, Anime Expo 2017 Preview Night attendees were treated to an exclusive screening of the English dub. An anime getting an English dub is something that triggers both excitement and apprehension. Personally, I don’t mind dubs at all. I grew up watching dubs before I even knew what anime was. I have friends that will only watch dubbed shows and friends who are strictly sub-over-dub. But the same questions still remain: will they get the voices right? What if it sounds stupid? And, in the case of FOOD WARS! specifically, what about the…er…moaning?

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Prepare yourself

Image: Crunchyroll
Fried rice never looked so good! | Image: Screenshot via Crunchyroll

The screening was presented by Sentai Filmworks and featured the first three episodes. Voice actors for the English dub include: Blake Shepard (Toshiro Hijikata in GINTAMA, Hideo Shimada in PARASYTE) as Soma Yukihira, Jad Saxton (Kendo Itsuka in MY HERO ACADEMIA, Charles in FAIRY TAIL) as his friend, Megumi Tadokoro, and Stephanie Wittels (Ibuki Kaito in CLANNAD, Yayoi Nakayama in AIR GEAR) as Erina Nakiri. It is voice directed by Kyle Colby Jones, who also directed the English dubs of AKAME GA KILL! and GINTAMA: THE MOVIE.

One of the most noticeable things about the English dub is Erina’s questionable voice. For those who have watched the original show, you’ll know that Erina is known for her formal and elitist attitude. But in the dub she sounds suspiciously like a California Valley girl. This is something that everyone at the screening clearly had a problem with, myself included, as a collective groan echoed through the room the second Erina started speaking. Megumi’s family also has a kind of off Southern accent, though it’s absent in Megumi herself despite her countryside upbringing. This could easily be a case of Megumi trying to hide her country roots while at the super exclusive culinary school Totsuki. Since there’s an episode early on in the show where we learn more about Megumi’s goals and family life, I’m interested in seeing if her character will have a country accent there.

The incorporation of accents works much better for other characters. Roland Chapelle, the French Cuisine teacher who appears first in the third episode, “That Chef Never Smiles,” has a thick, French accent in the dub. With the show’s abundance of foreign characters, it can only be expected that they have accents, something that the original obviously lacks. The addition of accents, in my opinion, shows just how truly diverse the cooking world is.

Meanwhile, Blake Shepard’s voice packs the kind of charming bite you would expect from Soma. The “you’re welcome!” that Soma says after serving a dish in the English dub is truly endearing, especially when paired with that adorable smile of his.

And when it comes to the first bite out-of-body experiences, the ridiculousness of the moaning could easily have been worsened in the dub. But the English voice actors manage to heighten the humor laid down by the original show.

And the verdict is…

For viewers both old and new, this dub won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth! The dub is expected to be released later this year. A third season of the anime, titled FOOD WARS!: THE THIRD PLATE, will also be released in the fall.

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  1. Wind

    April 16, 2018 at 10:30 am

    I was in the dark until recently regarding the dubs and stumbled across your page when looking for a review. I had only watched Food Wars on Crunchyroll and while I love the show I wasn’t certain it was popular enough to have a dub considering the whole food porn thing that kinda goes on plus being so food oriented it seemed like a niche anime especially with more action oriented anime being typically more popular. I honestly would love if they left that comedy bit off regarding the clothes exploding, disappearing, etc. but otherwise it’s one of my favorite slice of life anime….except it makes me hungry lol. Your review of Erina’s voice is disappointing as I could actually see her with a slight British or an other accent more so than the way you describe as uppity Erina deserves a correct voice. Still, an amazing anime for those who love slice of life yet with a touch of action just not a brawl rather an amazing cook-off lol.


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