Potential SPOILERS for Seasons 1-3 of THE FLASH other CW/DC shows, Flash: Rebirth (2009) & DC REBIRTH: The Flash (2016)

THE FLASH has been killing it since it debuted in 2014, and season 3 was no exception. While not as critically successful as the previous two seasons, it still was a great year for the series. The finale set up some potentially awesome arcs for Season 4, and all signs point to a year of Rebirth.

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Wally West, The Flash, New 52, Rebirth
REBIRTH vs NEW 52 Wally West Flash suit

Not Just A Kid Anymore: Wally West As The Flash In Season 4

In the season finale, we see Barry Allen enter the Speedforce and take Jay Garrick’s place in the Speedforce Prison. Before he leaves, he puts Wally in charge as the new Flash. Comic Book fans will remember that Wally West was the leading Flash for 20+ years in the comics after Barry Allen’s apparent demise in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Also, fans of the Justice League cartoon will remember that Wally West was the Flash in that series.

Most importantly, Wally West was the Flash up until Barry Allen’s return in Geoff Johns’ 2009 masterpiece, THE FLASH: REBIRTH. Flash actor, Grant Gustin, is slated to come back as the titular character next Season so we can guess Barry’s stint in Speedforce jail will not overdue its stay.

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It is safe to assume that Wally will break Barry out rather quickly. If not by the first episode, Barry will certainly be broken out by the end of the first seven episodes of Season 4. This would be so Barry can participate in the 4-show crossover in episode 8. Wally West breaking Barry Allen out of the Speedforce is undoubtedly a direct adaption of THE FLASH: REBIRTH (2009) — if that’s the case then that heavily supports my next point.

The Flash, The Black Flash

REBIRTH: Barry Allen Becomes The Black Flash

In THE FLASH: REBIRTH (2009), soon after Barry returned from the Speedforce, he turned into the Black Flash. This happened because, at this time, The Black Flash was dead, so there was no one to bring Speedsters to their death. In the Season3 finale, Killer Frost killed the Black Flash. With no Black Flash on the show, the Speedforce will need to compensate.

If Wally frees Barry in the first few episodes of the season, maybe the big cross-over this year will be when Barry becomes the Black Flash, and the combined efforts of all the CW/DC heroes need to team up to stop him. In the comics, the entire Justice League gathered to help Barry when he turned; it would make sense if that is what they wanted to do.

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One of the showrunners has already stated that it would be hard to top aliens and said,

“..if you can’t increase the bombast, increase the emotional stake. The emotional payoff.”

A story of the heroes uniting to save one of their friends, not the entire world, is a way to go. It is grand a spectacular while remaining personal.

Godspeed by BossLogic

The Speedforce Storm, The Birth Of Godspeed

Something else that happened during the Season 3 finale, a Speedforce storm swept over Central City as it came to claim its prisoner, Barry. In the first DC: REBIRTH (2016) story arc for THE FLASH, a Speedforce storm raged through Central City and endowed many people with Speedforce abilities. A city of Speedsters that Barry began to help train; but with a large group of people becoming speedsters, it was certain that one would go bad. Hence, the birth of the evil speedster, Godspeed.

This could be a good thing if THE FLASH is keeping its trend of Speedster villains. Also, it is adapting a very new and popular story that fans would like to see. It had the classic tropes of the show with “Who is this Speedster?” and it turns out being one of their new allies.

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Godspeed has everything the show and its fans love, but it’s also fresh, new and interesting. And adding an entire city of speedsters would make for a very interesting season. If everyone is as fast as Barry and Wally, how much good can they really do?

San Diego Comic Con 2017

I am sure we will be getting an absolute mess of information on all the CW shows at next month’s mega convention. We could potentially see some updated/new suits, get some story details and maybe even a trailer! I’ll be sure to write about everything once it breaks.

What do you think we’ll see for THE FLASH Season 4 at SDCC 2017? Let me know in the comments!

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