When San Diego Comic Con unveiled THE FLASH season five trailer, fans were excited. After THE FLASH’s fourth season, fans felt a bit let down. The fourth season was not all bad, it certainly had moments that stood out as some of the best in the series. However, as whole most fans agree that the fourth season was just not as good as the previous ones.

This was due to a multitude of reasons — Iris (Candice Patton) being the leader, Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) constantly unsure whether he should be a hero and no sense of urgency with DeVoe’s (Neil Sandilands) plan. However, the past is in the past and it’s time to look to the future. Let’s unpack this new trailer and discuss some possible theories for the upcoming season!

Flash season five
The Flash saves the city with the help of another speedster. Video courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The trailer begins with a recap of the season four finale. Barry (Grant Gustin) tells Iris that another speedster helped him destroy DeVoe’s satellite. Then we cut to Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) house where the mystery girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy ), who has been popping up randomly throughout the season, reveals herself to be Nora West-Allen. She is Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. She states in a voice-over that her nickname given to her by Barry in the future is XS.

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In the comics, XS is a speedster known as Jenni Ognats who is apart of the Legion of Superheroes. She is also the daughter of Dawn Allen and the granddaughter of Barry Allen. It makes sense that the writers would choose to give their version of Barry’s daughter this code name. XS is not a well-known hero, so not many people will be bothered by another character using that title.

Time Skip Theories

After Nora explains who she is to Team Flash she also adds that she is stuck in this time period. It’s interesting that it appears that THE FLASH season five will begin immediately where the fourth season ended. That has never happened on THE FLASH, or really any Arrowverse show.

The shows are usually in correlation with the amount of time that has passed in real life. This way all the shows are on the same timeline as one another, for crossover purposes.

Flash season five
The CW’s annual crossover event. Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment.

One theory is that Team Flash will attempt to get Nora back to her own time, but only succeed in pushing her forward five months. Thus putting her in line with the real-life time skip. Another option is that Team Flash has been trying to figure out a way to get her back to her own time for five months.

Although the writers will have to come up with a valid reason for Nora being unable to travel back to her time. Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) in season one suffered a similar situation and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) managed to create a Time Sphere quite quickly. Why can’t he create another one for Nora? The issue could be involving her speed, but the writers will have to explain this.

Nora’s Big Mistake

Later on in the trailer, Barry confronts Nora on what she did and why she didn’t tell them sooner. This is information Flash fans have been wondering ever since Nora appeared. Why is she there and what did she do that was so bad? While THE FLASH season five trailer did not explicitly state what Nora did, it does illustrate that Team Flash needs to take action to remedy the situation.

Flash season five
Barry confronting Nora about her mistake. Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment.

It’s possible that Nora’s big mistake was helping Barry destroy the satellite. During the finale of season four of THE FLASH, the scene right before the Flash punches the satellite, time rewound. Suddenly, the Flash was running alongside another speedster.

Perhaps the Flash was supposed to perish along with the satellite or destroy it on his own. However, Nora’s intervention may have saved her father, but it could also have created a different timeline — her own Flashpoint! Either way, as long as these questions lead to a satisfying payoff, the fans will be content.

Speedsters On A Plane

The next scene in the trailer shows a plane on fire with a mysterious bearded man possibly causing the crash. Each season of THE FLASH the writers find new ways to include new metahumans. It’s possible the effects of Nora’s mistake could be the cause of this new meta’s appearance.

Regardless of the reason, THE FLASH season five trailer shows Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) on the plane fighting the bearded man. Lonsdale is set to be in the premiere of season five, but will he be taking a break from the CW shows to pursue other acting jobs.

Flash season five
Kid Flash on a plane in the season five premiere. Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Some fans are worried that this means Kid Flash might perish on the plane, but that is unlikely. The CW rarely closes the door permanently on characters from ever appearing in the future. Kid Flash might suffer an injury which prompts him to take a break from being a superhero. This would also explain his absence from the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW show as well.


Then the trailer shows a shot of the Flash and XS running together towards the plane. But, right before this Barry explains that he does not have a suit. Which then leads to one of the biggest developments from this trailer: The Flash Ring!

THE FLASH Season Five Unveils the Flash Ring!

The Flash Ring is a staple part of the Scarlett Speedster’s ensemble in the comics. The Flash Ring is where he stores his suit, allowing him to change anywhere. Flash fans have been eagerly waiting for the writers to incorporate the Flash Ring on the show for years. Especially since Reverse-Flash used his version of the Flash Ring towards the end of the first season.

Flash season five
Reverse-Flash getting his suit from his ring. Video courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Most fans theorized that it would be Cisco who would make the Flash Ring for Barry, but it turns out to be Nora who gives it to him. Since the behind the scenes photos show Barry wearing his season one suit, it’s most likely that the ring will provide him with that version of the Flash suit. However, Team Flash will most likely figure out a way to include his new suit into the Flash Ring as the season progresses.

Electrifying Ending

The trailer concludes with a scene of a hooded figure entering a dark room filled with toys and drawings. As the hooded figure walks he breaths heavily, closely resembling Darth Vader. In the background, there is a television playing live footage of the aftermath of the Flash saving Central City. The hooded figure sits down on a desk and places a lighting bolt shaped dagger on it.

Flash season five
Lighting bolt dagger. Photo Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The lighting bolt dagger begins to shoot out red electricity towards the television, causing the lights in the house to flicker. Eventually, the television shuts down and the cracks in the dagger glow red. The trailer ends with several quick shots of man in a mask covering the bottom half of his face with thunderous noise in the background. This is individual is none other than Cicada!

THE FLASH Season Five Big Bad – Cicada

In the comics, Cicada was originally David Hersch, an architect, and preacher born in 1890. He would physically abuse his wife on a regular basis until one day he accidentally killed her. He attempted to kill himself, but instead was struck by lighting and given powers. Cicada’s main power set includes immortality, regenerative healing, and a dagger which allows him to heal others while also taking control of them. He would use these powers to obtain a large group of devoted followers. DC and WBTV describe a different take on the villain:

“He is a grizzled, blue-collar everyman whose family has been torn apart by metahumans Cicada now seeks to exterminate the epidemic — one metahuman at a time.”

The villain for THE FLASH season five will be played by American Pie alum Chris Klein. An interesting choice to say the least, but the CW has made long shots in the past that have worked out. The aforementioned dagger was shown at the end of the season five trailer, but it appears to have a different effect than from the comics.

It seems that Cicada’s dagger on the show sucks electrical energy. How this will affect the speedsters is unknown, but this is a new direction for the show. All of the previous villains either created metahumans or used them for their plan. However, Cicada plans to eliminate metahumans entirely!

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What are your thoughts on THE FLASH season five trailer? Do you have high hopes for the season?

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