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The Flash returns to our screens once again, but he feels guilt from everything and everyone he lost in the previous season.

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The premiere episode of the new season of The Flash has our hero taking on the Rogues Heatwave and Captain Cold. He is soon joined by Firestorm and the two easily dispatch the two villains. The two heroes return to STAR Labs and are welcomed with a warm embrace from all their friends. Everything seems perfect and then it gets a little too perfect when the deceased Eddie appears to congratulate Barry. When Harrison Wells rolls on to the scene in his wheelchair and isn’t evil, it solidifies the fact that this is a dream. Wells tells Barry that there’s nothing left to teach him and that he’s ready to do this on his own.

Flash Season 2 Barry alone
Barry has been working alone as the Flash for the past six months

This is a little disheartening to see our hero close himself off from all of his friends. It is especially heartbreaking seeing Barry wishing Wells, despite everything he has done to him, was still alive and by his side. The Flash team has disbanded since the events of the singularity. Cisco is working with Joe as the scientific advisor for the Meta-Human Task Force. Caitlin is now working at Mercury Labs.

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Joe and Barry investigate the death of a man named Al Rothstein who was strangled by someone very big and strong. There is going to be a Flash Day Rally where the mayor will offer the Flash the key to the city for stopping the singularity. Joe attempts to convince Barry to go, but he refuses because he was not the man who saved Central City. Later on in the evening Iris tries to convince Barry while he fixes Jitters after it was destroyed from the singularity. Barry is still unsure if he deserves to be honored. After Iris leaves, Barry flashes back to what happened  on the day of the singularity.

The Flash is able to stabilize the black hole but he can’t seem to completely eradicate it. Professor Stein suggests that he and Ronnie form Firestorm and then separate while in the nucleus of the black hole. The power of their separation should be enough to stop the black hole from sucking up the entire world! They are successful in stopping the singularity, but unfortunately Ronnie gets caught in the updraft and the Flash is unable to save him.

The fate of Firestorm
                  Firestorm sacrificing himself to stop the singularity

This was a very clever way to write out the character of Ronnie Raymond. As most fans have probably heard there is a new X-files series and Robbie Amell is part of the cast. Having Ronnie gets sucked in by the singularity is a smart way to get rid of the character without killing him. This still leaves the door open for his return if Robbie Amell ever finds the time to come back. However I dislike the way the singularity was handled. Personally I would have wanted the singularity to have a more lasting impact on this season. Similar to the destruction of the Glades at the end of Arrow’s first season.

Barry eventually decides to go to the Flash Day Rally because he wants to continue to be a symbol of hope to the people of Central City. At the rally Joe, Cisco, and the CCPD are prepared for any attacks by metahumans. For good reason too since a super strong metahuman makes an appearance by throwing a truck at the mayor! The Flash gets the mayor out of the way in time and goes to face off against the metahuman. Unfortunately the Flash is easily tossed aside and it’s up to Joe and Cisco to try and take him down!

              Joe uses some new tech courtesy of Cisco

But before Cisco hands Joe the electrical boot he gets a vision from another alternate universe (when he does this it shall be known as Cisco Scope) of the metahuman with Zoom! Cisco chooses to keep this information to himself for reasons unknown. His friends know that he can see into other worlds and realities. Why would he keep what he saw a secret? Putting a pin on Cisco’s secrecy for now, the boot that Cisco made to stop the metahuman fails. The metahuman grows huge, but in a very stretchy almost cartoonish way. Flash returns and through teamwork with Joe they manage to subdue the metahuman and reveal his identity as the deceased Al Rothstein.

Later on while in his office, Barry receives a visit from Wells’ lawyer Greg Turk. He has a video from Wells for Barry in case he died. At first Barry doesn’t want to see the video, being entrusted with STAR Labs following the death of Harrison Wells is more than he wanted. Barry doesn’t want anything to do with the man who is basically the source of all of his pain. It is impressive how intelligent Eobard was, having all these preparations incase the worst happened. Say what you will about Eobard as a person, but there is no denying he was one methodical villain.

Barry suddenly  receives an alert that someone is in STAR Labs. He rushes over and finds that it is Cisco, Professor Stein, Iris and Joe. Caitlin helped Cisco realize that Atom Smasher (named by Prof. Stein) absorbs radiation in the area which allows him to grow. Despite providing this information and helping Barry locate Atom Smasher’s lair, he is still pushing his friends away and taking this problem on his own.

Atom Smasher's lair
                               It does not go well

Thanks to the help of Cisco and Prof. Stein distracting Atom Smasher with an alarm, the Flash is able to make it out barely alive. At STAR Labs Joe gives Barry a heart to heart, letting him know that he can’t keep blaming himself for everything that’s happened. Eddie and Ronnie knew the risks and consequences when they made their decisions, they made their choices so they could help Barry stop Wells. After agreeing to let his friends back in his life Barry decides to get the whole gang together and visits Caitlin.

The two share how they both feel guilty for Ronnie and how they wished they could have prevented it. Caitlin begins to cry so Barry offers his handkerchief. As he pulls it out the usb drive containing the video from Harrison Wells falls to the ground. Caitlin offers to watch it with Barry to help make him more at ease. The video has Harrison Wells being as nonchalant as ever about his hypothetical demise. He goes on to state that Barry will never truly be happy but he will give him a gift. He offers an official statement that he was the one who killed Nora Allen 15 years ago! Barry has Joe show the video to the police and things are looking promising.

However this does leave the matter of Atom Smasher, now that the Flash team is back together they come up with a plan to take him down. Cisco comes up with a unique technique for drawing out Atom Smasher.

                                        Remind you of anyone?

Then Barry leads Atom Smasher to a closed area in a lab. Cisco traps Atom Smasher inside and fills him up on radiation. It becomes too much for him to handle and he soon succumbs to its power. While on the floor Barry asks him why he attacked him. Atom Smasher plays the pronoun game and says that HE promised to take him home if he killed the Flash. When Barry asks him who promised him that, Atom Smasher says with his last breath “Zoom”.

Following that chilling scene, we cut to Barry reuniting with his father after 15 years of being in prison. It is a wonderful embrace and so touching to see the bond between these two. Barry takes his father to Joe’s house where they have a surprise homecoming for him. The montage is complete with plenty of smiles and uplifting music. Prof. Stein offers a toast commenting on everything their group has been through this past year, all of the obstacles they have overcome. He gives a final word to describe this situation  a Hebrew word, Kadima, which means forward. I take this as a message to the audience as well. Despite everything that has changed and everyone we’ve lost, we have to keep moving forward. Once again everything seems almost too perfect.

Barry pulls his father aside and tells him that the two should start looking for an apartment together and that Iris has been doing some research so he can get his license and he can begin his practice again. However Henry looks distraught and Barry picks up on this. Henry tells Barry that he can’t be around because of the road Barry is on. He assures him he will be there whenever he needs him, but he has grown so much while he was away at prison. It makes sense in way, Barry needs to travel his heroic path with people who will move him forward. I understand why Henry doesn’t want to be in the way of Barry’s life, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Henry released
A beautiful reunion turns into a sad goodbye

The episode ends with the whole Flash team together in STAR Labs commenting on how much better security is now. They won’t have any more issues with people walking in and out of the lab as they please. Almost on cue, a mysterious man walks into the lab!  Everyone is on edge but the man reveals himself to be Jay Garrick and warns that this world is in grave danger!

A solid start to the new season. This premiere had everything that I love about this show. It had humor, heart, and some pretty sweet special effects! Although I certainly hope the Flash writers don’t fall into the trap of repeating their previous season with some slight differences. There’s a speedster who teaches Barry how to use his powers (Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick) and a weekly metahuman. Except it seems that instead of facing off against metahumans created by the particle accelerator explosion, Barry will be fighting metahumans sent by Zoom. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and I hope you guys are too! Till next time Flash fans!

Score: 8.7/10

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