The Flash Episode 13 Review- Caution: Spoilers Ahead

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The episode begins with Barry narrating about identify and who one’s true self is while getting ready for his date with Linda Park. This, as usual, outlines the major theme of the episode, which we see from the major plot arch of the week. Dr. Martin Stein is in Ronnie’s body (let’s call him Firestorm for now) visiting a former scientist for help to separate the two individuals. Unfortunately, the building explodes, which obviously attracts the attention of the Flash Five.

A good portion of this episode is dedicated to Barry’s attempts at a love life while still keeping his superhero identity a secret. This is a traditional storyline that superheroes have used in the past; finding the balance between two lives will always be a struggle. Speaking of two lives struggling to find a balance, Firestorm’s origin is completely revealed in this episode. Barry recalls meeting Dr. Martin Stein on the train back to Central City and having a rather pleasant conversation. Victor Garber did an excellent job providing the personality of Dr. Stein with a presence strong enough for Robbie Amell to imitate. That being said, Robbie Amell did an excellent job portraying Victor Garber’s Dr. Stein as Firestorm.

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On the night of the particle accelerator explosion, Dr. Stein had been outside Star Labs, where he dropped a transmutation device. Upon picking it up, he was fused with the essence that was Ronnie Raymond, resulting in Firestorm! Caitlin, Harrison Wells, and Barry visited Dr. Stein’s wife who revealed that Firestorm had visited her house approximately one month after the particle accelerator explosion. His wife Clarissa also stated that she has the uneasy feeling that she is being watched. This prompts the team to form a stakeout, though it’s really just Caitlin and Dr. Wells because Barry has a date with Linda.

As for the other two members of the Flash Five, Cisco and Detective West look into the murder of Barry’s mother. While visiting the old house Barry used to live in, Detective West finds the current owner wants some West-love. Cisco finds a mirror that could have the residue of two speedsters, which he could transfer into a photograph. It was interesting seeing these two work together; the serious gruffness of Detective West blended very well with the lighthearted Cisco.

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Once a photograph was obtained, Detective West noticed a small trace of blood on the wall. He had Cisco run a blood sample test and see if he could match the blood with someone. It turns out the blood contained two different types, thus confirming his theory of there being 2 speedsters the night Barry’s mother was murdered. Joe asks Cisco if he could compare the blood sample to Harrison Wells. Cisco obviously doesn’t take this too well- in his mind Harrison Wells is the man who gave him the opportunity to work at Star Labs. He leaves Joe and heads back to Star Labs, where he finds Ronnie.

After an impressive fight between the Flash and Firestorm (I loved seeing him fly), the trio convince Dr. Stein’s wife to meet Firestorm so they can bring him to Star Labs. There, Harrison Wells notices that Firestorm has become unstable due to the fight with the Flash. They have less than 12 hours until he causes an explosion that destroys the entire city! Dr. Wells weighs the team’s options and determines that the best course of action is to kill Firestorm. The Flash team is obviously against this, especially Caitlin, who refuses to lose Ronnie again. This decision by Wells does, however, prompt Cisco to test the blood sample. He finds a match for one of the speedsters: an adult Barry Allen. This confirms what fans have already known for weeks- time travel is coming to the Flash show very soon.

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Firestorm leaves Star Labs in order to sacrifice himself when he explodes. Not having that, Wells uses the tachyon device from the mid-season finale and turns it into a quantum splicer. The splicer should separate Firestorm back into Ronnie and Dr. Stein. The Flash races to Firestorm, along with Caitlin, to put the splicer on Firestorm. Caitlin convinces Firestorm to put on the splicer and he kisses Caitlin claiming it was from Ronnie (I guess we just have to take his word on that). Then Firestorm begins to glow and Dr. Wells yelling to the Flash to get out of there, Firestorm is about to blow! Firestorm explodes and the special effects team once again continue to amaze me with how convincing the explosion looked. The episode ends with General Elling being informed of the nuclear explosion and commanding his soldiers to bring him Firestorm!

You may have noticed I neglected to mention the love triangle storyline between Barry, Linda and Iris. I didn’t feel that was really worth mentioning because I feel all it did was detract from the amazing Firestorm storyline. I hope they do something of importance with Iris other than being Barry’s unrequited love interest soon. Aside from the predictable CW love story, this was a solid episode. The time travel reveal in this episode wasn’t so much a reveal as it was a confirmation. I’m looking forward to next week where we might see Barry attempt to go back in time on the Cosmic Treadmill. We’ll see how that plays out… ’til then, Flash fans!


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