Last weekend’s Comic-Con had a ton of new and exciting trailers. THOR: RAGNORAK, THE WALKING DEAD, INFINITY WAR, those were only some of the spine-tingling new trailers that left people on the edge of their seat, foaming for more. Then there was the trailer for CW’s THE FLASH, which you can find up top.

What Was That Trailer?

I will just go ahead and say it. What the hell was that? Was that a one episode super trailer? That is what it looked like to me. At this point, it is fairly obvious that CW’s THE FLASH is not the same as The DCEU. Quirky, lighthearted and fun; the Arrow-verse is in direct contrast to its film counterpart.

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Does that mean their trailers have to be in direct contrast as well? The Justice League trailer is bombastic, in your face, and leaves a sense of impending dread. This? This “trailer”? You know Cisco is going to pull Barry out of the Speed Force. However, the trailer could have built more anticipation had they not included that scene.

Who Is In Charge Over Here?

Then, there is the whole Iris being the narrator thing. Let’s be clear here; this is a show about superheroes, not people being surrounded by superheroes. Iris’s narration of the trailer leads the viewer to believe that she is the lead protagonist while Barry is gone. That is fine for an episode, but for multiple episodes? That will not work.

She might be Barry’s love interest, but that does not mean she is the most interesting character. THE FLASH is a show that built upon action, humor, and tries to be dramatic at times. If you are going to focus on characters using this format, you should concentrate on the characters that can hold their own in a fight, like Cisco or Wally.



One thing I did enjoy about the trailer was the inclusion of the Samuroids. Of course, if you have read various Flash comics you would know that these robots have served multiple masters during their time, including the Penguin! So the question is here, who are these Samuroids serving?

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If last season is any indication, it will be a long time until the viewer finds out. What does he (or she) want with Barry Allen? Questions, questions. Of course, we know that whoever is asking for Barry will eventually get Barry, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the wait.

Personally, I am hoping that Barry spends a couple of episodes in the Speed Force. While the show is called THE FLASH and is about Barry Allen, two or three episodes without him would create a tension that the show usually doesn’t have, and it would allow the other, more capable (read not Iris) characters to get fleshed out more.

While it does seem as though Barry’s team is getting the ample screen time they deserve, it remains to be seen if they will. If the trailer is any indication, the show seems pretty hell bent on getting Barry back as soon as possible.

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