THE FLASH #59 has some top-notch writing by Joshua Williamson. He's added some seriously interesting revelations about the new Forces. Rafa Sandoval’s art looks, as always, just stunning.
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Surprising Revelations

Barry Allen’s Force Quest takes him to Gorilla City in THE FLASH #59! In this issue, he finds the slaughtered remains of countless residents of the secret city. Now Barry must find who did this, and how it connects with his journey to learn more about all the new Forces. Writer Joshua Williamson crafts another exciting issue, which adds much more to the Flash lore. The new revelations about the forces, and King Solovar’s connections to them, make for intriguing new additions to the Flash’s history. Rafa Sandoval’s art captures just how tragic and senseless the massacre in Gorilla City was. The visuals are brutal, but it fits the somber tone of the issue.

A Somber Arrival in THE FLASH #59

In the last issue, the Flash began his Force Quest with a trip to Badhnisia, where he came face-to-face with two violent bandits named Gemini. The criminals fought Flash nearly to a standstill before they retreated. The Flash then made his way to Gorilla City to get some answers about the new Sage, Still, and Strength Forces. In THE FLASH #59, Barry arrives at the city with Iris, only to find death, ruin, and devastation. Dead residents lay strewn about the crumbled remains of various buildings. The Flash believes this is Grodd’s handiwork, since he currently possesses the Still Force in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Along with Iris, he investigates the ruins and she finds a hidden tunnel. Inside, gorilla robots ambush them, but Flash makes quick work of them.

THE FLASH #59 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Their creators — a bunch of Gorilla City scientists — make their presence known, and invite the couple back to their lab. Inside, the scientists play a message from the late King Solovar, whom Grodd killed years prior. In the recording, he explains that in the distant past, each of the four Forces had avatars — not just the Speed Force — and they worked together to safeguard the Multiverse. The Sage Force gifted the residents of Gorilla City with its power, which is how they got their telepathic abilities. The new revelations shock both Flash and Iris, but they still need to find who caused this massacre. Plus, what of Gemini? You’ll have to read THE FLASH #59 to find out!

Revelations Abound in THE FLASH #59

Joshua Williamson makes some major revelations about the Forces in THE FLASH #59. These new additions to Barry’s lore retcon the origins of Gorilla City but, because the location was always linked with the Flash and the Speed Force, it makes sense. In the past, Gorilla City was created after a group of normal gorillas came into contact with a crashed alien spaceship, and they gained genius-level intellect and telepathy. Now, it seems like the Sage Force granted select gorillas with its power, which includes higher intelligence and telepathy. I really enjoy this change. It links the city even more with the Flash and his mythos, which just makes sense. It also explains how they’re so spiritually linked with the Speed Force.

Beyond this, the revelation that each of the Forces worked together and had avatars centuries ago is a really interesting one. It makes sense that, if the Forces existed in the past, they should have at least worked together in some capacity. I’m intrigued to find out what happened that made the other three Forces forgotten for years. I also quite enjoy how Williamson links this book with JUSTICE LEAGUE. It’s always nice to see a shared universe in practice, without needing to have a multi-issue crossover.

A Grim Aftermath in THE FLASH #59

Rafa Sandoval’s interpretation of the Gorilla City massacre really sells just how devastating it must have been for its residents. In the opening few pages, Sandoval draws a practically barren wasteland that used to be a sprawling, busy city. Now, rubble lays strewn across the ground. Once-mighty structures sit in disrepair. Beyond that, the bodies of the various guards and residents sit bloody and lifeless around and on top of these ruins. It looks like something out of a nightmare. It’s incredibly effective in creating a somber tone for the opening of the issue. The art perfectly portrays the quiet brutality of the massacre’s aftermath.

THE FLASH #59 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Final Thoughts: THE FLASH #59

THE FLASH #59 is another awe-inspiring entry in this series. It includes some dark imagery as well as some genuinely intriguing revelations about the Flash mythos!

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