THE FLASH #58 is a superb issue. It changes the feel of the book by placing the Flash in a new setting with a new mission. It’s the perfect jumping-on point for the series. Joshua Williamson writes some fantastic characterization as well as a truly interesting plot. Rafa Sandoval draws a beautiful looking book.
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An International Journey

After months of being teased in various story arcs, Barry Allen finally embarks on a quest to learn more about the new Forces in THE FLASH #58. His first stop is the nation of Badhnisia. Of course, being the Flash, he quickly finds trouble there. Joshua Williamson writes another incredibly interesting issue that feels like a great change of pace for the title. Getting a scenery change and a different objective for Barry to follow was seriously much needed. It breathed some new life into THE FLASH, which I really enjoy. Artist Rafa Sandoval joins this series with a fantastic first issue. He draws the Flash’s speed powers differently than other artists, and it, too, is a nice change of pace.

Bandits in Badhnisia in THE FLASH #58

In the last few story arcs of the series, Flash learned that there exists at least three new Forces in the DC Universe aside from the Speed Force. He convened a meeting with the Flashes of 52 Worlds, who told him to go on a quest around the world to learn more about the new Forces as well as the Speed Force. In THE FLASH #58, Barry finally embarks on this journey after multiple issues of debating whether or not to go. He brings Iris along for the ride, and the first stop is Badhnisia. They tracked down a new Force user to a historical church in Badhnisia. After stopping a purse snatcher, Barry heads to the church with Iris to investigate. There, they notice that someone broke into a room. Barry deduces that someone ransacked the room in order to plunder priceless artifacts stored inside.

THE FLASH #58 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Suddenly, they’re ambushed by two costumed thieves named Gemini. They escape and Barry turns into the Flash, and he chases them. Two thieves should be easy for the Flash to take down, right? Read THE FLASH #58 to find out!

A Change of Pace for the Scarlet Speedster in THE FLASH #58

Williamson completely alters the feel of the series in THE FLASH #58. I couldn’t be happier about that, too. As fun as it is to see the Flash fight his old villains in Central City, some stories were on the verge of becoming a little stale. Thankfully, this issue resolves that problem with much panache. For one, the scenery change already makes the book feel different. Just the idea of the Flash using his powers in various exotic locales is a great story idea. Instead of the same old Central City landmarks, he has to navigate through streets in cities he’s never been to before. It adds another obstacle to the already herculean task of crime fighting.

It works especially well this issue because Williamson writes Barry as overly careful when navigating through large crowds, something he’s not used to in the relatively wide open sidewalks and streets of Central City. It’s a nice little character touch. Plus, Williamson also adds in great character moments between Barry and Iris. Their relationship has been strained ever since she killed Eobard Thawne way back in THE FLASH #27, and it only got worse after she regained her pre-FLASHPOINT memories after the FLASH WAR arc. I’m happy to see them finally back together as a clearly loving couple. It’s one of the comic book relationships that works particularly well. Williamson understands this, too, with the way he writes the characters in this issue. Their mended relationship is hopefully a look at things to come for the couple.

Rafa Sandoval’s Superb Art in THE FLASH #58

My favorite aspect of this issue, though, has to be Rafa Sandoval’s art. In THE FLASH #58, he brings a new art style to the title. It’s a semi-realistic look that still adds in enough stylization to look unique. I’ve been a fan of Sandoval’s work since THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES, so it’s great to see him work on one of my favorite DC characters. His Flash runs with a fluidity of motion that looks different than any other artist’s depiction in this series. The way he poses the Flash in his pages makes him look like he’s almost not in control of his motion while running. He’s contorted into awkward poses, which would make sense if you’re running at supersonic speeds. It’s a very interesting take on his powers, and it looks beautiful to boot.

THE FLASH #58 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Plus, he goes the extra mile by showcasing how his powers affect the world around him. He draws shirts flying and papers swirling in the air as if an incredibly powerful gust of wind blew by the bystanders. It’s not something you always see when the Flash runs, but it’s logically how his speed would affect the world around him.

Final Thoughts On THE FLASH #58

THE FLASH #58 is a great change of pace for the book and the character. It’s the perfect jumping on point for curious potential Flash-fans.

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