The Flash #38 Review: Spoilers Ahead

In DC Comics‘ The Flash #38, we find present day Flash trapped inside the source of his powers, the Speed Force. While the future version of the Flash is in the present day, attempting to masquerade as present day Flash.

Two stories are told in this issue; the first is Barry trying to find a way out of the Speed Force. The second story is the Future Flash pretending to be the present day Flash. One of these stories is more interesting and compelling than the other. I’ll give you a hint- it’s not the story involving Future Flash. That story line is a bit dry for my taste. The artwork is sharp and the dialogue feels natural but it just isn’t holding my interest. Another thought occurred to me while reading this comic: where is Wally West? For a character on the cover, you would think he’d actually be in the comic!

Flash #38 review

The Flash #38: The Speedforce

The story involving Barry in the Speed Force, on the other hand, has fascinating characters such as Selkrik, a former scientist turned native in an attempt to better understand the Speed Force. I love the artwork while he was explaining his backstory- artist Brett Booth had the panels appear shredded. This was meant to signify Selkrik tearing back the book of his mind to recall his memories of long ago, and also to display him being eventually pulled into the speed force. The reason I find this story more enticing is because it’s something I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen Central City and I’ve seen an evil version of the Flash, but being inside the Speed Force is an entirely new experience!

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The issue ends with Iris planning on making headlines with Flash branded as a killer (even though he didn’t actually kill anyone). I advise writers, Robert Venditti and Van Jensen, to put more time and energy in the Speed Force storyline, the only reason I would even suggest to read this comic.

The Flash #38: The Bottom Line

  • Good dialogue and interesting characters Barry finds within the Speed Force
  • Rather dull story line with the Future Flash
  • The presence of Wally on the cover but absent in the comic bothers me
  • For someone who is trying to steal Barry’s identity, Future Flash is doing a poor job at it
  • Creative artwork within the Speed Force storyline

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